CloudCoCo are an Anywhere365® Certified.
The CloudCoCo Mission - To Engage and Delight its Customers and change the way Cloud, Collaboration and Connectivity solutions are procured.

First and foremost, CloudCoCo is a people-led business. With a skilled team of Microsoft, cloud, telephony, hardware, cybersecurity, support and connectivity experts we unlock business optimisation and transformation, team-working, cost savings, streamlined workflows and innovative solutions to business problems for clients of all sizes.

Our knowledge, gained through employees with multiple years of industry experience, helps our customers create a competitive edge, by providing IT solutions that underpin and support our customers’ business activities. We have a burning passion to delight people with every aspect of our service and provide the alternative to the archaic managed IT services models. We also champion putting the power back into the hands of customers, offering easy-to-use self-service options and knowledge and skills transfer.

At CloudCoCo we seek to be highly responsive and provide customers with modern and innovative solutions to achieve their objectives, achieved through collaborative partnerships with IT solution and service providers, distributors and vendors. Our 24/7 UK response team, together with our strategic consulting and professional services team, provides exactly what businesses need from IT right now and into the future.

As many of the Enterprise-class technologies which underpin our product suite can be provided “as a service”, we provide our clients with exactly what is required to support their needs in accordance with business demands, billed on a monthly basis, based on what is consumed.

Our process is quick, simple and safe for Startups, Larger Enterprise, Health and Government clients, eliminating the need for expensive and painfully slow interactions required by existing mid-to-large cloud service providers.

CloudCoCo. The future starts now.



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Industry Expertise:

Healthcare, Public Sector, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Construction, Manufacturing

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CloudCoCo are a Certified Partner.

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