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SCB Global, an Anywhere365® Partner of Excellence, carry wealth of experience and expertise in powering & augmenting UCaaS, CCaaS and CPaaS platforms. SCB Global has built native SD-WAN, SASE & Security and Compliance capabilities for Microsoft Teams delivering workplace transformation for the dynamic workforce.

Launched in 2004, Born out of a Telco, SCB Global have evolved rapidly to be one of the modern and intuitive licensed operator in multiple geographies around the world. 

SCB Global continues to break business communication silos with our OPTO solutions natively integrated into Microsoft Teams bringing all collaboration under a simple single pane of glass.

Whether it be global collaboration solutions, secure and resilient remote working solutions or security and communication optimization; SCB Global’s unique single vendor approach makes us the smart partner choice for all your enterprise needs.


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Industry Expertise

Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, Distribution, Education, Finance, Banking & Insurance, Government, Information & Communication, Healthcare, Marketing, Public Sector, Publishing, Retail.

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SBC Global Ltd are a Partner of Excellence and have an Ambassador.

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