Channel Deflections

We all feel that waiting lines on the phone are a waste of our time. Almost 75% of your customers have that same frustration. Or a webchat question needs identity verification, which can only be done by a phone call or a code via SMS. No longer bother customers with that challenge; dissolve it.

Customer Benefits Of Channel Deflection

Bypass Phone Waiting Queues

Asynchronous Communication Saves Time

Freedom In The Way They Reach Out

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Optimize Productivity & Safety

Channel deflections are a blessing for customers and for the business. Anywhere365® Dialogue Cloud introduces seamless deflections between voice and text channels to automate tasks, let agents handle multiple concurrent interactions and guarantee data protection.

Reduce Costs With Automations

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Optimize Safety Of Data

Deflect Dialogues With Low Code

Optimize productivity and create flawless customer experiences by yourself. Create channel deflections by dragging and dropping nodes without codes to a canvas in Anywhere365® Dialogue Studio. Deployment is done with the click of a button.

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