A New Paradigm For The Contact Center Industry

Recently, our CEO published a razorsharp opinion. That piece sparked quite some debate in the contact center industry. In this short video our virtual co-worker Liam explains this new paradagim. He’ll also give you 3 very actionable insights to stop wasting time and money. Even today!


Effective Dialogue Management


Are you trying to enhance CSAT scores, profitability or agent efficiency? That’s great. We’ve created a short video to help you dissolve this challenge. Watch the video to learn from greengrocers and food wholesalershow how they avoid waste and run a healthy business. We need to treat contact centers as a warehouse of time. And time itself like a perishable product.


We need to treat contact centers as a warehouse of time and time itself like a perishable product.


Watch the video and join us in an exploration of effective Enterprise Dialogue Management.



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