Anywhere365® Acquires PeterConnects

Today, I am excited to announce our third acquisition in the past 8 months! After Microsoft Teams and Azure expert Interchange and Healthcare IoT platform IQ Messenger, we have acquired PeterConnects. The investment will accelerate our growth. It also allows us to further expand our offering. E.g. with Receptionist for Cisco Webex Calling and Attendant Console functionalities to Microsoft Teams and Broadworks.


Less Unnecessary Dialogues For Customers


Digital transformation is accelerating at a record pace right now. And our success at Anywhere365® proves that enterprises want to move. Away from legacy on-premises systems to smart and customer-friendly cloud solutions. We know that a lot of enterprises would also like their reception to become smarter and faster. Preferably docked to CRM and other business tools, like Microsoft Teams. All to reduce unnecessary dialogues. This is a new and important step to realize that throughout all your enterprise dialogues.


Let me emphasize that I am impressed by PeterConnects’ growth trajectory so far, the quality of their product suite and their focus on customer service, which I feel are unique and highly complementary to ours at Anywhere365®. Their (cloud) stack is highly complementary to ours, their sales organization is very successful in Germany and France and our business cultures are very similar.


This is truly a strategic step for both our companies, and very beneficial for both our partner ecosystems and employees. With our combined offering, we will keep reducing unnecessary dialogues on every level of enterprise communication and achieve significant efficiencies in cloud contact center and reception attendant operations.


Receptionist For Cisco Webex Calling


Anywhere365® customers who work with Cisco systems may look forward to the recently introduced cloud-based Receptionist for Cisco Webex Calling. PeterConnects has done a great job creating a modern, intuitive user interface and simple-to-use widgets. Receptionist for Webex Calling makes answering and forwarding multiple incoming calls easier, faster, and more efficient for organisations of all shapes and sizes. It shows detailed caller information, lets users quickly send callback reminders to colleagues and easily transfer calls via a drag-and-drop function.


Expanded Country-Specific Business Units


Their international team will immediately strengthen our existing sales, product development and support coverage. We will expand our country specific business units in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Singapore. Lucas de Clercq, the current CEO of PeterConnects, will head the newly established Reception and Attendant Productivity division.


What Will This News Mean For You?


What does this news mean for you? Well, our acquisition of PeterConnects will give enterprise businesses across the world the opportunity to gain a strong competitive advantage. Me and my colleagues will be happy to demonstrate how to streamline your communications in all your channels for reception, support and sales. It’s unlike anything you have seen so far.

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