Anywhere365® Wins Best Microsoft Direct Routing Provider of the Year

Today, Anywhere365® has been named Microsoft Direct Routing Provider of the Year in the UC Partner Awards 2021. And I am super proud that we can take this new award home from the first-ever UC Partner Awards show, hosted by UC Today. My praise and gratitude go out to all of our teams. Great job guys!


Want to watch the award show? Find it below this blog post!


The Success of Microsoft Direct Routing


Microsoft Teams is on a wave and this award is a new conformation that we’re riding it like no other. Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams is available everywhere. Giving enterprises greater control and value. Also, they can significantly cut down on operational costs, as they don’t need a dedicated call path for every employee. We’re seeing customers who free up around 40% of their telecom budgets.


Reactions on Microsoft Direct Routing Provider of the Year Award


“Winning the title of Microsoft Direct Routing Provider of the Year is very well deserved,” said UC Today Editor-in-Chief David Dungay. “We have seen an explosion of enhanced voice and routing capabilities to one of the most significant platforms of the year. Anywhere365® has set and held high standards in the field of Microsoft Direct Routing, which is a fantastic achievement.”


True Innovation and Great Partner Approach


Founder of Cloud Nexus and judge member, Scott Riley mentioned the great passion he’s seen and congratulated the fresh Microsoft Direct Routing Provider of the Year. “You have truly innovated in a busy space of the market and have taken a great partner approach to delivering direct routing and periphery services”.


Independent Judges


Judging was based on companies’ ability to demonstrate innovation, improved experience and execution, led by a panel of respected industry experts including Jay McBain, Philip Carse, Lucy Green, Mark Brigman, Itret Latif, Adam Zoldan and Scott Riley.


Watch Award Show:

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