Embracing excellence: our Brand Ambassadors

Whilst our technology enables us to explore uncharted territories in the online sphere, we still value connecting in real life in order to nourish the passion we share when it comes to delivering innovative customer experiences. 


Beyond ‘23

This year marked our very first, in-person Global Partner Summit, Beyond ‘23 

Our aspirations with Beyond was to create an energizing space where our valued Ambassadors and Partners could exchange insights, experience compelling keynote speeches to educate and inspire (thanks Rik VeraKevin Kieller and Soham Dasgupta) and bask in our appreciation with our Ambassador and Partner award show.   

The turnout was incredible with over 100 of you travelling across seas to mingle with us and connect with your knowledgeable peers in Rotterdam. The atmosphere was truly electric! 

This year, we covered some game-changing product launches of Infinity and Aviator, whilst our Ambassador ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions provided the chance to build on the community that we’ve created together and align on our Anywhere365 vision. Valuable feedback sessions allowed us to gather your purposeful feedback. We even managed to catch a dreamy sunset together on a boat ride. Above all, we welcomed our 10 new Ambassadors, announced our highly anticipated ‘Ambassador of the Year’ and handed out our ‘Newcomer of the Year’, ‘Customer Success Story of the Year’ and ‘Partner of the Year’ awards. 

Awarding our ambassadors and partners was an exceptionally proud moment for us.

We are thrilled to announce our Ambassador of the Year

This year, we awarded Ulrich di Bora as Ambassador of the Year 

We are delighted to announce that Ulrich Di Bora from Solvion, has been honored as the Anywhere365 Ambassador of the Year for 2023, further highlighting our strong partnership with Solvion. 

Ulrich has made a great contribution throughout the year to the success of Anywhere365; always keen to learn, test and share and proactively collaborate with our teams to add additional value for our joint customers.

 Being Anywhere365 Ambassador of the Year isn’t just about representing a product. To me it means being a visionary having the passion, the skills and the drive to deliver exceptional customer experience and business outcomes. It means being recognized as a valuable part of a global community of experts who share best practices, insights and innovations.’’ Ulrich Di Bora


Well done and a warm welcome, to our newly awarded Ambassadors:

  • Ben Dobson – Symity 
  • Tim Coursey – Brilliancy Path 
  • Boris Palluch – Neusta 
  • Dave Prior-Jones – Purify Tech 
  • Graeme Roux – Galdon Data 
  • Jakob Munk Nielsen – Voxogo 
  • John Deletre – Solulan 
  • Rik Kruse – Telenet 
  • Wesley Maas – VodafoneZiggo 
  • Andy Shannon – Aspire


What is the Anywhere365 Ambassador Program and who can join?

Our Ambassador program is formed of dedicated professionals who live and breathe our brand. Due to our high appreciation of our Partners’ efforts and commitment in promoting and implementing Anywhere365, we launched a program to provide some well-deserved recognition for these individuals.  

Nominations are open to team members (and you can also nominate yourself). These professionals can be present in Sales, Technical or Marketing departments; all are equally valuable in contributing to the success of Anywhere365.  

The Ambassador candidate is passionate about Anywhere365® in terms of technology and in helping others, having a positive impact on our image and growth.


Some perks for joining our Ambassador Community:


  • Worldwide recognition via our website  
  • Membership to our Ambassador community group where we share insights, ideas and feedback 
  • An Ambassador title for two years 
  • A guest invitation to our Global Summit with our senior management + an Ambassador Breakout Session 
  • Exclusive Access to the Ambassador roundtables and workshops where we share the latest info on our roadmap, vision and strategies 


What do we ask from you?

We see this relationship as a value exchange, and we highly value your wisdom. That’s why we also ask that you take part in some Anywhere365 activities to share knowledge at various speaking engagements, to join webinars and public events and create or share social media posts. 

We are greatly appreciative of our cherished Ambassadors who continue to bring their passion, diverse wisdom and unrivaled appreciation for our Anywhere365 products and brand.

Don’t be shy, apply!

Nominations for the next round of awards open up in August 2024. Keep an eye on our social channels for the latest updates.  

Want to deepdive into your business specifics? Feel free to schedule a demo!

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