Gartner Report On Contact Center Integration With Microsoft Teams

In their latest publication, tech consultancy giant Gartner writes about the importance of optimizing Microsoft Teams with Cloud Contact Center Platforms. Even though Contact Center integration with Microsoft Teams is vital for almost any business, Teams lacks capabilities for key use cases.


Aid IT Decision Makers With 3 Options


In this time where COVID-19 measures are forcing organizations to let more people work from home, there’s an increasing need for distributed workplaces. Contact centers feel the pain of a new normal for business continuity, like no other department in an organization. As the global market leader in cloud solutions for dialogue management, Anywhere365® underlines the importance of evaluating how and when IT leaders should collaborate with MS Teams partners.


There are three scenarios that enterprises have for painless integrations with the Teams platform:


  • Do nothing and hope for Microsoft’s not so strong roadmap to deliver valuable contact center functionality any time soon
  • Go for a BASIC Teams integration
  • Go for a NATIVE Teams integration, fully utilizing the Microsoft ecosystem to significantly improve your contact center and other enterprise dialogues.


Let’s agree to disregard the first option. Every IT executive will join our statement that there is a clear need to solve enterprise dialogue challenges NOW. In fact, that is what Gartner says, too. Which leaves us with 2 options. Anywhere365 is able to help in both situations.


Basic Cloud Contact Center Integration With Microsoft Teams


Calling between platforms, directory syncs between Active Directory and UCC platform, search within Teams, availablity/status view and transfer calls between applications. Only need these basic functionalities? With our Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution, we can deploy within the blink of an eye. Flexible OPEX pricing, lower IT costs, easy scalability and centralized reporting deliver quality customer engagement.


Single-pane application experience for agents, Azure Cognitive services for bots, Power BI for management reporting, and CRM integrations are coming along with the setup.


Native Cloud Contact Center Integration With Microsoft Teams


The last option, Gartner says, is the only one that really enables effortless integration with customer service applications. There are only a few vendors who can make that happen. Gartner reckons Anywhere365, as Microsoft’s global launching partner for the Direct Routing Contact Center Certification, is one of a handful vendors who can help you with that native integration.


Our Contact Center Platform as a Service (CPaaS) lets you leverage the powerful Anywhere365 platform and API’s running in the Azure cloud to create your own service offerings and application integrations. It’s like I said before in this blog post on how you manage enterprise dialogues from home: if you choose Anywhere365, you don’t have to change the core of your workforce systems. Just monetize on all the benefits of your Teams client in a secure infrastructure: we are ISO27001 certified!


Want A Demonstration?


Discover the full Gartner report here (behind pay wall). Want a demonstration of Anywhere365 native integrations with Microsoft Teams? Feel free to get in touch and request your demo! We’re happy to talk!


Anywhere365® is a full and native extension of the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business platform. A Logistical Distributed Working Environment, in a secure infrastructure!


We can help you manage all your enterprise dialogues from home. Our Dialogue Cloud runs from Azure to deliver Contact Center and Enterprise Dialogue Management solutions.

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