The Most Valuable Omnichannel Customer Service Trends For 2022

Customer service trends in 2022, that is the subject of our latest whitepaper. I’m sure you will reckon that 2022 will continue to be  challenging. We’re in the middle of what has become known as the great resignation in contact centers and legacy call centers. On the other hand, customer inquiries keep rising. In this whitepaper we are giving you some actionable insights in how successful companies around the globe are planning their way out of this crisis.


New Year, New Trends


One of the reasons we love omnichannel customer service so much is its dynamism. I’ve been around in business communications for a substantial time. I’ve seen that every year brings new trends and changes to the way customers behave. And every year there are new tools and technologies that transform the way we deliver customer service. And 2022 is no exception!


High Value Customer Service


Shopping trends and consumer behavior have changed dramatically since the start of the pandemic. Furthermore, the adoption of remote working technologies has altered omnichannel in ways we couldn’t have imagined years ago. The question that lies before us is: which of these trends are here to stay and have a long-term value on the way out of this pandemic?


Download our whitepaper to discover the top trends in omnichannel customer service to watch in 2022 and beyond. We’ll also offer some practical ideas for how you can best support your evolving customer base.


In This Whitepaper


In this piece we will be talking about the shift that companies make from point solutions for their call centers to integrated dialogue management. It covers how you can optimize valuable time for agents and make them happier, how AI bots drive productivity and how IoT becomes an agent of change. We’ll also dive into next level self serve and give you 3 easy steps that you can take right away to make a real impact.

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