Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud platform Glossary

This glossary contains definitions for dialogue cloud, dialogue Management, Contact Centers and customer experience terms.

What is Predictive Dialing?


The main purpose of predictive dialing is to automatically gain the fastest viable connection. A piece of software calls internal phone numbers to hunt for the first available agent. This saves valuable time. The software filters telephone numbers, based on busy signals, voicemails, no-answers, disconnected numbers, and more. It uses historical and SLA call metrics to predict when an agent will be available for the next call. 

When predictive dialing first emerged, it was primarily a hardware solution. Back then, it was mostly used by the financial sector. However, the underlying technology of predictive dialing has advanced significantly since then. Today, numerous companies offer solutions from the cloud. At Anywhere365, we have built our predictive dialing solutions to easily integrate with CRMs to give insights into the available call metrics.


How does predictive dialing work?

The main purpose of predictive dialing is to predict when the agent finishes a call and will be available again. Previously, this was achieved by the use of algorithms, also known as Call Progress Analysis (CPA). Call Progress Analysis determined the nature of the caller. And it calculated when to connect the agent with a valid telephone number. This saved a lot of time for agents, taking into consideration the amount of time it took to dial a telephone number manually.

However, while Call Progress Analysis has been very useful for many companies, it provided sub-optimal results due to the simplicity of the rule-based algorithms. This led to a lack of accuracy, speed of processing and other inefficiencies. Nowadays, it is easier for companies to overcome these inefficiencies. As of today, common practice is using predictive modeling based on advanced statistics on neural networks, in order to make sure agents experience a seamless transition from one call to another. 


Who uses predictive dialing?

These days, predictive dialing can be used in all sorts of organizations; ranging from the before mentioned banking industry to the expected telemarketing, customer service and marketing research. When considering the use of this kind of software however, companies should take certain things into account. Companies who are primarily selling high-ticket items for example, most likely want to spend a certain amount of time on researching the prospect before calling. This completely eliminates the main purpose of using predictive dialing, which is putting agents and sales people on the phone with connected telephone numbers with little to no time in between. Before looking at predictive dialing software, it is therefore very important to be aware of the context of the companies’ sales process. 


Anywhere365 solutions regarding dialing

Anywhere365 offers multiple solutions regarding or related to predictive dialing to ensure a smooth and seamless customer experience:

  • Autonomous Dialer: schedule an automated call to the customer, prompting a predefined IVR menu.
  • Campaign Dialer: the Campaign Dialer automatically calls the next available agent and customer on the list. 
  • Voicemail Dialer: it is possible to leave a voice mail and send these voice mails to SharePoint or offer them to agents. 


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