Skyrocket CX With Microsoft Teams Contact Center

Contact centers are in a transition. The landscape for customer service in any sector shifted dramatically over the last few months. In customer contact centers and intermediary desks as well as internal service desks. How do you handle this new normal for customer engagement? Learn more in our whitepaper.

Diamonds in, diamonds out

Influence the leakage of unnecessary dialogues by shifting the focus from Contact Center Success to Dialogue Management Success.

Hello Dialogue, Bye Point Solutions

Get rid of legacy systems and point solutions. Start managing and capturing data points of all enterprise dialogues, from all channels.

Real time self service

Turn your bank into a data-driven CX company. Create the ultimate experience by integrating historical CRM data in operations and communications.

Anywhere365® allows you to take giant leaps forward, leveraging existing investments in the Microsoft Cloud and Productivity stack.



While the amount of dialogues per product continue to increase, customers demand excellent service. On their terms and through their preferred channels. At the same time, cost remains a concern, especially as former cost-cutting efforts already reached their limits.



C-level increasingly demands for innovative customer interfaces, integrated touch points, and a higher performance. AI voice bots and chat bots are put in place to elevate the shift left strategy. And customer service executives are finding ways to manage the new normal for call centers in the financial industry: agents who work from home.




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Utilize Microsoft Teams

for All Enterprise Dialogues

Making a real impact with your customer service starts with taking optimal advantage of cloud opportunities. Managing your enterprise dialogues with a Microsoft Teams Contact Center is a highly efficient and customer-satisfying step, which allows you to break away from legacy systems, towards contact center automation and cloud technologies. This will speed up the shift left strategy.

Hello Dialogue for Contact Centers in the Financial Industry

Are you interested in how AI self service and automation technologies can deliver phenomenal customer experiences, together with human agents? Read our whitepaper ‘5 investments to skyrocket customer engagement in the Financial Industry’, with some best practices. And explore how our zero code Dialogue Studio platform makes it easier than ever to automate AI dialogues, for chat as well as voice bots.

Leverage Existing Microsoft Investments

Discover how investing in people and technology together creates top-notch customer service, increases workforce productivity and reduces IT costs. Download the whitepaper or request a full demo of how Anywhere365® allows you to take giant leaps forward, leveraging existing investments in the Microsoft Cloud and Productivity stack.

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