Global Sign is a leading provider of a trusted identity and security solutions, headquartered in Tokyo. They faced a range of global telecommunications challenges with their Cisco legacy contact center system and decided to move their Contact Centers to a solution integrated with Microsoft Teams (including Teams Phone System).

How GlobalSign Improved Contact Center Productivity & Effectiveness

Today, having migrated to Anywhere365, they are seeing some spectacular results in terms of agent productivity, communication effectiveness and reliability. Read on to discover how they got here.

Security, Flexibility And Better TCO

On their quest to replace Cisco, Global Sign searched for a cloud-based contact center solution to provide secure call recordings and geographical flexibility whilst still being easy to manage and affordable. Stuart Rugg, Global Sign's support and operations manager, was tasked with the replacement.

Rugg said: “We have offices across the globe: from Belgium to India and from Tokyo to Brazil. The troubles that we had with our old contact center provider was primarily that it required a lot of maintenance and work to keep that up and running. It was very time-consuming and complex to keep it all up to date. The yearly maintenance costs were enormous. We figured that we could achieve a better cost of ownership for our IT landscape if we would not just update this situation, but maybe integrate the calls within Microsoft Teams.”

Implementing a Teams-focused CCaaS Solution

The strategic decision to go for something that was built uniquely compatible with the Microsoft ecosystem led to looking at the available options. They found Anywhere365 to be the most native and enriching CCaaS integration for Teams and asked Fuse2 Communications, a Premier Partner for Anywhere365, for assistance on implementation and technical support.

“Fuse2 were great and very positive. It's lovely to work with a company that's focused on good customer support, who are always easy to contact and quickly to understand and resolve any issues,” said Rugg. They soon started rolling out a smooth and methodical transition to Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud. Rugg decided to do one office at a time “Working across the globe takes time. And it’s complex if you have multiple time zones and getting staff on board.”

Empowered Agents are Happy Agents

Rugg was especially happy about the good guidance Anywhere365 provide on their website, with short videos explaining the features. “Our staff was able to understand how certain features work, it’s easy to access, and to answer and receive calls through Teams. The native integration was key to reduce the amount of apps needed and to create a real single-screen experience for agents. The ease of use for the daily features gives staff grip of the system so that they can use it as best as possible. And with intuitive interface design staff can maximize the system's potential without missing a beat.”

Supervisors: Better Vision, More Anticipation

Talking about business benefits, Rugg highlighted the increased agent productivity, communication effectiveness and reliability. “We're much easier able to track calls. People can access wallboards, whether in the app or the web-based version, whether they're in the office, at home or even traveling around. The team leaders and managers have found big improvements in workforce management. They now have real-time insights at their fingertips, allowing them to anticipate and optimize resources and support staff more effectively.”

Discover the power of Anywhere365

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