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Increase customer satisfaction with Chat

Chat functionality is one of the most widely used features. Optimize your customer contact satisfaction and dialogue management by using Anywhere365 chat and web chat.


Add chat, audio and video to customers apps and website or use features like co-browse & call me now.

Chat Recording

Besides the feature to add the Chat modality, Anywhere365 also provides the feature to log the chat sessions for future references.

Chat Bot

By adding a bot to the dialogue, you can decrease the number of unnecessary dialogue.

Real-time translation during chat

Break the language barrier by expanding the current experience with real-time translation. Define the default language of the Agent and the customer and let Azure services do the translation. Languages can be switched during the dialogue just by switching to a new language.

Start more efficient dialogues with an advanced Timeline

Our timeline is a customer journey which visualizes all contact moments with previous agents who he or she has spoken to that day / time, from accepting the call to forwarding and closing the call. The agent can better respond to customer demand because he/she has everything at hand

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