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Interact with your customers via Voice

For example with Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows customers to interact with a host system, after which they can service their own inquiries or will be redirected to a call agent by following the IVR dialogue. Traditionally input is required via the telephone keypad, modern Voice User Interfaces rely on speech recognition, both of which are supported. All texts within the IVR will be loaded dynamically and can be managed real-time by means of text-to-speech and/or audio files. Scripts build according to conversational design principles can be easily created.

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You can now add a button to your website. When somebody clicks that button, they can put their number or Skype address in

Voicemail Dialer

When the Anywhere365 Unified Contact Centre is not within business hours, callers have the option to leave a voice mail message.

Campaign Dialer

The Campaign Dialer is a dialer which uses a list of invite records to be called. Each invite has a required skill.

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