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Meet Aviator. Your customer service AI

Aviator: intuitive AI to drive customer engagement

In a landscape that is oversaturated by the latest technological releases, there is an increasing need for highly personalized services. So, how do you orchestrate these services at scale without losing empathy?

Aviator is our Agent Assist product that showcases the delicate balance between automation and human touch.

Swiftly tackle customer problems

Our intuitive AI understands conversations rather than steamrolling through them, suggesting the best possible answers for your representatives

Empathy at scale

We’re automating the process to speed up resolutions and to empower employees to inject their own personality into customer interactions

Real-time data and insights

Aviator learns and adapts through representatives’ unique actions, helping to support their personal development and creating a sense of deep fulfilment in the work that they do

Unparalleled worker happiness

Are team absence and high churn rates keeping you up at night? Aviator helps your representatives to be their best self. In every single dialogue

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How does Aviator work?

Customer submits a query

Via their favorite communication channel.

Rep prompted with tailored answers

Personalized answers, links and other digital resources help to maintain the tone of voice and drive the dialogue with empathy.

Customer outcomes help to refine prompts

Customer thrilled by speedy service and customer rep enjoys heightened fulfillment.

Customer service leader continually hits SLA

The customer service team is infected with positivity and left beaming all day long.

It’s all about connecting the right people at the right moment, ensuring that every dialogue is truly impactful.

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Aviator as the vehicle to drive the customer experience

Assist customer service reps with AI to make every minute count

Effortlessly engage with customers and Aviator

Leverage authentic tone of voice

Reduce low focus tasks

Support rep’s self-development

Moderate in every language, on any channel

Analytical machine learning

Self-educate reps to adapt their message

Fire up productivity with Aviator

Help reps handle 2x workload

20% reduction of Average Handle Time

Increase user typing speed by 50%

Minimal training & onboarding

Our vision is simple yet powerful: to maximize the value of every single minute in any dialogue, regardless of where, when or how it takes place.

Create dialogues that are highly engaging, whilst being built for accuracy and speed.

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Meet Aviator. Your customer service AI