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Dialogue Intelligence for Power BI

Combining the powerful Power BI tool of Microsoft with the advanced data of Anywhere365 gives the user an dashboard which can be altered to any style or form. Simple connect to the database and drag and drop the graphics in to place.

Connecting Data

Connecting Data combine Anywhere365 data, with any data source from your organisation.

Deep Dive Insight

Zoom in from global information to specific parts to complete your information needs.


Reporting gives a clear and extended view on the UCC’s historic data.

Combining Power BI with the advanced data of Anywhere365

Power BI

Welcome page

Once you are connected, you will land on the welcome page. This page consists of three parts: Report navigation, Summary Overview and Filters

UCC Report

The UCC report shows you information on all (selected) UCC’s. In a quick overview you are able to tell total accepted and missed calls, quickdrops and average talk time and queue time.

Contact Report

The third report after the welcome page is the contact report. It is designed to present the data from the (frequent) caller perspective.

Skill Report

The skill report provides the user with the call data from a skill perspective, meaning that the data is grouped per skill. Data is split per action type, and is supplemented with SLA and average call times per skill.

Agent Report

The agent report has different layout that the first reports. The right side of the report can be controlled with the default filters. It shows the user the performance per agent, with accepted and missed hunts, SLA and handle rate.

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