Microsoft Teams - Anywhere365®

Anywhere365® WebAgent
for Microsoft Teams

Improve workforce efficiency and personalize the customer experience by giving users the communications, collaboration and CRM tools they need in a single Microsoft Teams desktop interface.

Increased Workstream Productivity

Design your own automated AI voice bot and chat bot dialogues and only route more complex ones to help desk agents.

Improved Customer Experience

Manages interactions over the entire customer journey; ensuring resolution the first time they reach out.

Work from Anywhere

Extend Anywhere365® and ServiceNow to remote office or work-at-home contact center agents and knowledge workers.

Reduced IT Costs

Anywhere365® utilizes existing investments in the Microsoft platforms and applications that your employees already know.

Full Agent and Supervisor Experience in one client

Customer Recognition

CRM integration automatically pops customer records before the call is answered.

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Queue Overview

View queue activity and take appropriate action to ensure KPIs are being met.

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Advanced Timeline

Understand the entire customer journey from their standpoint.

Wrap-up Timer

Gives agents time to accurately process post call administrative tasks.

Reason Code

Agents input codes to track interaction outcomes for business intelligence reporting.

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Easily view the availability of colleagues to ensure calls are sent to best available resource.

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Seamless Integration with The Most Essential Business Tools

Anywhere365® is developed with information sharing in mind. Therefore, it is possible to create an interface between a UCC and any other system.


What is a Microsoft Teams Contact Center?

A Microsoft Teams Contact Center allows omnichannel customer communication through a single pane of glass. Whether they are in the office space or at home. This will lead to a reduction in overhead costs, an increased workforce efficiency, easier insights into the customer lifecycle and an omnichannel customer experience.

How do you optimize Microsoft Teams with Contact Center?

The contact center is one of the places with a continued demand for a lifeline for remote work. In July 2020 Gartner wrote a report on the importance of optimizing Microsoft Teams with Cloud Contact Center.

Gartner sees 3 scenarios for contact center integrations with the Teams platform:

  1. Wait for Microsoft to deliver contact center functionality
  2. Choose a BASIC Microsoft Teams integration
  3. Choose a NATIVE Microsoft Teams integration

What is direct routing for Microsoft Teams?

Direct routing leverages the voice capabilities of Microsoft Teams so that contact center agents and knowledge workers can make and receive calls within Microsoft Teams. Customers are engaged effortlessly across the communications channels of their choice, while ensuring that the context and history of the dialogue always moves with them. Within Anywhere365® Direct Routing Contact Center for Microsoft Teams you can route dialogues based on numbers, skills, geography, IVR prompts, CRM data white or black-listing and VIP customer routing.

What is a Connected Contact Center for Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams now has more than 115 million daily active users. The contact center is one of the places with a continued demand for a lifeline for remote work. Now that integrating a contact center solution with Microsoft Teams is a common need for enterprises, Microsoft Corporation has initiated a Connected Contact Center certification program in May 2020. In January 2021 Anywhere365® was announced the world’s first certified direct routing Connected Contact Center for Microsoft Teams.

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