Email Routing

Is your company using central mailboxes, (digital) forms and mail rooms that are handled by multiple employees? The handling of these dialogues can be time consuming and tedious issues lead to cherry picking by agents. So why not process and prioritize email as any other text channel?

Enhance Overall Response Times

Prevent Cherry Picking

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Route Emails Like Any Other Text Channel


Manage email flows in just like phone calls, chats and other channels. As a true omnichannel router hub Anywhere365® Dialogue Cloud can determine necessary skills based on a contact’s metadata and selects the best available agent based on rating, longest idle or other. Agents handle the email through Teams, from the WebAgent modern workplace or their preferred CRM client.

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Skill Based Routing

Route emails to the right agent based on metadata such as sender information or content.

Email Dialogue Provider

All incoming email messages are merged with any attachments, and then stored in an inbox.

Business Intelligence

All information can be made visible through Anywhere365® business intelligence capabilities.

Channel Deflection

Sometimes the queues on the phone are just too long. So, why not dissolve that problem by letting customers move from voice to WhatsApp. Or when they’re on your webchat, but it’s easier to explain on the phone, why not ring them up immediately? We have standardized seamless channel deflections between voice and text channels.

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