Messaging apps are changing the way we interact with each other. We’re seeing video, voice, and high-quality images increasingly becoming a part of the rich and standard messaging features. And we’re only at the start of an increasingly dynamic experience!

Your Team 24/7 Available

Maximize Productivity

Enhance Response Times

The Latest Technologies


Messaging app usage is spiking and new technologies are advancing at the speed of light. Do you need the latest messaging channels at the finger tips of your Teams-powered agents? If it has an API-key, we can make it work. With low code.

Discover Low Code Dialogue Studio

Native Experience

The customer can use their own messaging client while talking to a Teams powered agent.

Location Sharing

Customers can use all features of their app, such as sharing their location or attachments.

Skill Based Hunting

Not all agents excel at messaging. No problem, just hunt agents who do have that skill.

Channel Deflection


Sometimes the queues on the phone are just too long. So, why not dissolve that problem by letting customers move from voice to WhatsApp. Or when they’re on your webchat, but it’s easier to explain on the phone, why not ring them up immediately? We have standardized seamless channel deflections between voice and text channels.



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