Voice Communications


Who said telephony is dead? It’s not. The phone as a means of interaction is alive and kicking. 77% of consumers believe a phone call is the most effective way to get an answer quickly. So why not give them a personalized VIP experience? Rethink your voice communications solution today.

Microsoft Teams Voice Solutions

Want to streamline your enterprise communication and manage your business telephony? Replace your existing PBX system with Microsoft Phone System. Anywhere365® Dialogue Cloud gives you Teams voice communications solutions for Direct Routing, Operator Connect and Calling Plan.

Direct Routing

Operator Connect

Calling Plan

Inbound Voice Options

Standard IVR

Standard IVR includes jukebox, call-back, group voicemail, queues, overflows, and more.

Voice Bot Direct Response

Let a voice bot immediately answer queries, based on all your available customer data.

Virtual Assistant Whispering

In complex situations, bot whispering can save precious time on both ends of the line.

Voicemail Dialer

Let customers leave a message with a person or a department outside business hours.

Outbound Voice Options

Call me back

Enables customers to leave their numbers with the click of a button and call them back.

Preview Dialer

Agents can preview contact information before accepting an automated outbound call.

Machine Learning Dialer

We leverage Power Automate to take outbound calling to the next level. Learn by doing.

Channel Deflection


Sometimes the queues on the phone are just too long. So, why not dissolve that problem by letting customers move from voice to WhatsApp. Or when they’re on your webchat, but it’s easier to explain on the phone, why not ring them up immediately? We have standardized seamless channel deflections between voice and text channels.


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