Allow real time communication on your website to address sales and support related queries during every customer journey. Web chat is here to stay and it makes customer communication more dynamic. But are you ready to take it to the next level?

Enhance Customer Experiences

Deliver Realtime Assistance

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Win Time With Web Chat

Is your web chat a (dead) endpoint? Is it hard to hunt available agents and are they being less productive because they need to switch between screens all the time? Focusing on technology as a solution will in many cases waste – not win – time. Unless the tech is about time.

Rich WebChat

Attach audio, video or documents to chats or use features like co-browse & call me now.

Realtime Translations

Break the language barrier with realtime translation through Azure cognitive services.

Chat Recording

Want to log chat sessions in your CRM for future references? No problem, that’s covered.

Bring Your Own Chat Bot

Outperform competition by reducing unnecessary dialogues with a data-informed chat bot.

Channel Deflection

Sometimes the queues on the phone are just too long. So, why not dissolve that problem by letting customers move from voice to WhatsApp. Or when they’re on your webchat, but it’s easier to explain on the phone, why not ring them up immediately? We have standardized seamless channel deflections between voice and text channels.

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