Driving The Ultimate Mobile Customer Satisfaction

When was the last time that you searched for a product on your desktop? And now on your mobile phone? The odds are that your mobile search was a lot more recent. The mobile device has almost become an extension of our arms. So why are businesses lagging behind with their customer satisfaction on mobile channels? Let us show our new secret sauce: a feature that makes it easier than ever to deflect a dialogue between channels, such as telephony and WhatsApp.


The Poor Mobile Service Experience We’ve All Seen


Imagine yourself calling your insurance company with a question about the coverage of your new (apparently not so) waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. The IVR tells you that there’s a queue and waiting time is 10 minutes. And you know: you’ll need to hold longer than 10 minutes. Luckily they can call you back. But what if they call during this important meeting with your team?


Oh wait, you can also start a webchat session. After breaking off the call you open your mobile webbrowser, go to their website and eventually find the chat module. But you can hardly read what it says. You zoom in, fill out some personal information, zoom out to click on send, zoom back in to ask your question, zoom back out to send and then wait… And it feels like it takes ages. Sounds familiar? Mobile customer (self) service could be so much more intuitive.


Want a Higher Mobile Customer Satisfaction? Stay tuned! Our zero code scenario for voice IVR to WhatsApp deflection is coming up!


Enhance Mobile Customer Satisfaction


Channel deflection from voice to text can be very handy, but many chat applications are built for desktop and require you to stay on the page, or else… So, as a service oriented organization, how convenient would it be if your IVR will gave you the option to seamlessly start a conversation on your phone, but with WhatsApp? The customer will love the flexibility of that choice and the reduced waiting time. Wait for that hockey stick curve in your mobile customer satisfaction scores!


Experience the ease of channel deflection for yourself
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Add More Productivity


But next to Customer Satisfaction there’s also another reason to look at Mobile channel deflection. It simply adds productivity to the warehouse of time in your customer interactions. You can answer more questions in less time. And not just in the contact center. With Anywhere365® you can create this same frictionless experience with any internal service desk or even your sales department.


And the good news is: you can build this all by yourself. How? We will soon share a simple pre-cooked scenario for voice IVR to WhatsApp deflection with our zero code Dialogue Studio. Stay tuned!

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