How CX Automation Boosts your Customer Engagements

Do you feel like every day brings a new tool or digital transformation buzzword to customer engagement? You’re not alone. Dealing with the management of teams, customers and technical processes can consume a large part of your time. CX automation can make your business communications more effective. And make your time that bit more valuable.

Adopting the right technology can mean the difference between staying ahead of the curve and being left on the shelf. Customer experience leaders need to forge a decisive digital path to stay ahead of the game. Because KPIs are under increased scrutiny and operational costs at an all-time high. That’s where cx automation steps in.


One of our most pressing challenges

Automation addresses one of our most pressing challenges; how to increase productivity while delivering personalized, high-quality customer service – across all channels. In fact, adopting the right automation strategy can completely transform your cx and your brand’s customer engagements.

Are you looking to enhance customer experience and streamline workflows? Read on to discover how to boost your CX strategy with automation.


What is CX Automation?

CX automation refers to the processes and strategy involved in improving the customer engagement cycle. Although technology is a vital part of automation, it doesn’t necessarily mean cutting out people. Sometimes it’s just about increasing the value of time of these people. E.g. a chatbots to answer routine questions and hand over more complex ones to a human agent. Or AI-powered service desk automation to streamline ticket processing.


How does communication automation improve CX?

  • Better guidance on calls that require person-to-person customer service. Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes. Automatically giving specialists information about how best to handle a call, could make the difference to retain a happy customer.
  • Faster query resolution. Today’s customers simply won’t accept blind transfers between multiple departments. Integrating knowledge bases delivers accurate, up-to-date information to your workforce, right when they need it.
  • Customers save time with self-serve. Chatbots can answer common customer queries in seconds, no matter how many people are in the queue. They’re great for mitigating human error, too.
  • Empowered workers. The less time your team has to spend on repetitive tasks, the more time they can devote to delivering a great customer experience.
  • Empowered customers. Modern customers enjoy up to scratch information available on their preferred channels. A swift and efficient customer experience help you build long-term loyalty.

How to Boost Your CX Strategy With Automation

There are several scenarios to think of when automating pieces of your communication. Let’s look into some examples.


Use AI-enabled voice bot dialogue tools

AI-enabled voice bot dialogues offer a smart alternative to dealing with FAQs or helping your customers self-serve. They are also really useful for managing the early stages of lead generation. Voice bots deliver a personalized service to your customers while reducing the impact on your agent resource and wider operations. We have built our own low code automation Dialogue Studio to fully enable this.


Benefits of Anywhere365 Dialogue Studio:

  • Build custom IVRs, voicebots and chatbots in minutes.
  • Bring your own bot, Dialogue Studio can integrate any API-based solution
  • Easy to set up with drag and drop. No coding or technical knowledge required.
  • You control the conversation. Configure communication workflows to suit your specific needs. Whatever makes sense to your business and your customers.
  • Azure AI intelligence integration provides tools that communicate in natural language and creates a positive connection with the customer.
  • Switch from automated call handling to routing a call to a specialist agent with a single click.
  • Comprehensive, real-time analytics to help you track and optimize performance.

Set Up Automated Call Distribution

Your customer experience can be dramatically improved by setting up automated call distribution. Calls can be routed to specific skills, distributed evenly among your team or to the least active agent. You can even program ou system to recognize calls from high-priority customers.


Benefits of Anywhere365 automated call distribution. 

  • Better customer experience. Give your customers quick access to the information they need. Or swifter contact with the worker they need to speak to. No more lengthy waits mean higher levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Increased first-contact resolution. By managing customer calls from the first point of contact, you can ensure your customers get what they need as soon as they need it.
  • Improves productivity. Bypassing the need for specialist agents to handle routine calls saves them time and means they have more hours in the day to manage complex enquiries.
  • Happier people. Your team wants to use their energy on meaningful tasks where they can employ their skills and deliver superior customer service.

Introduce service desk automation

Service desk automation frees your team from managing repetitive manual processes and dealing with bottlenecks. We use AI bots to detect outstanding tickets, coordinate internal and external requests, deliver updates and much more.


  • Empowers your whole team. Everyone in your business can access the most accurate information from one secure, centralized location. Whether that’s in Microsoft Teams or ServiceNow.
  • Increases productivity. Service desk automation facilitates more first-time fixes; leaving your team with more time and energy to devote to the tasks that matter.
  • Helps build better employee relationships. Everyone is on the same page and can get access to the things they need. Collaboration is improved and your team is happier.

Solving Contact Center Challenges With Automation

It’s not easy delivering a seamless, personalized customer experience. Plus, it can be a real challenge to ensure your team remains productive and happy.

Luckily it isn’t too much of a challenge to boost your CX strategy with automation. Each of the solutions we have mentioned above can be implemented easily. They can integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and your own API-based platforms and solutions.

CX is one of the most exciting areas of business to be involved in, but you need the right tools to deliver a great experience. Contact our team today to find out how Anywhere365’s automation tools can help you get an unfair competitive edge.

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