Service Desk Automation With ServiceNow And Anywhere365®

Several studies have shown that global IT leaders are looking to reduce unnecessary dialogues in their service desks. Not just to help agents out, but to empower all ‘non service desk’ employees to be their most productive self. One of the big themes is Service Desk Automation, which is basically about providing colleagues with the fastest route to their answers. Bringing AI technology to the service desk allows scaling of 1-on-1 incident management and tickets.


Are you thinking about adding more point solutions for Service Desk Automation? Don’t. Even though they may be used in the IT landscape, does not mean they are an integral part of the ecosystem. Causing impersonal and inaccurate service. We all know what that looks like and we all know we don’t want it. I mean, don’t you hate it when you are waiting for your new laptop to be sent to your home and the ‘smart’ chatbot can’t tell you when delivery is due? And how frustrating is it to call and then having to provide the agent with the exact same information that you just shared with the chat bot? There needs to be a better way!


Data Driven Employee Experience


If you’re working in IT, you’re probably familiar with ServiceNow as a ticketing system. It brings all the customer data together in one IT Operations Management solution, thanks to all the API-standards. Unfortunately a lot of enterprises are not optimally coining on their ServiceNow client, but build custom APIs to attach all kinds of point solutions. For obvious reasons that’s a bad investment.


Why not leverage your investments in Cloud and Platform productivity? You can make your ServiceNow self-service options cooler with service desk automation flows, such as AI voice bots. With Anywhere365® and ServiceNow together you will be able to create a data -driven employee experience. Delivered as a platform, straight from the Azure Cloud, directly into your Microsoft Teams deployment.


“Create a data-driven employee experience, while leveraging your investments in Cloud and Platform productivity. Anywhere365® is delivered as a platform, straight from the Azure Cloud, directly into your Microsoft Teams deployment.”


Service Desk Automation With AI Bots


The first application is to bring CRM-informed bots directly to the customer. Yes, that does mean that the chat bot can actually tell you when delivery of your new work laptop is expected. And yes, that does also mean that a voice bot can give you an update on your tickets. Our omnichannel WebAgent docks to the timeline and historical data from your ServiceNow client.


  • It recognizes who’s calling (because your number is in your personnel file in ServiceNow)
  • Automatically detects that you have an outstanding ticket (in ServiceNow)
  • The WebAgent demands the bot to ask if you’re calling for an update on that ticket.
  • The bot easily gives you that information (since the ticket updates are in ServiceNow as well)


Automate The Whisper Function


But it doesn’t stop there. Bots can also take over the whisper function. That’s right, Anywhere365® can drive AI bots with ServiceNow data and language analyses. It will create the optimal guide to set a great employee experience, both for the caller and the responding support agent. You can make the service call as personal as you want it to be. Want your helpdesk center chat bot to greet co-workers by their nickname and ask if they enjoyed their birthday last Saturday? Sure, why not!


Increase Productivity And Service Desk Success With Anywhere365®


This seamless way of work allows for data driven employee experience. It lets co-workers experience more first time fixes with less effort from your support desk team!


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