Anywhere365® - Cloud Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Deliver customer experiences that people fall in love with

Become the CX hero today with Anywhere365 cloud-based contact center.

ISO27001 & NEN7510 Certifications Anywhere365® is ensuring the safety of your data

Rethink Business Communications with Anywhere365®

Our customers save 45 seconds on average. Per agent. Per contact.

Minimize manual wrap up time with Voice transcription of call into Note.

AI chat bots and voice bots take care of more than 25% of all inbound dialogues.

Goodbye legacy PBX user approach. Calls are intelligently routed to first-time-right agent.

Let your data create Personal IVR to amaze customers with the ultimate CX.

Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Increase productivity and enhance customer engagement while leveraging existing investments in the Microsoft stack.

Anywhere365® is natively integrated with Microsoft Teams to engage customers across any channels, from anywhere and at any time.

Our Native Contact Center For Microsoft Teams

Become a Data-Driven CX Company

Use CRM-data to streamline all operations and create the ultimate customer experience. Deeply integrated into leading CRM systems, Anywhere365® uses customer data to facilitate your Shift Left Strategy.
Our AI voice bots and chat bots leverage this data to automatically answer routine questions. More complex or more valuable dialogues go to live agents.

Stay safe. Always.

Anywhere365® runs on Azure, the most secure Cloud, and fully integrated within your own Azure and Microsoft 365 Tenant.

Learn About Our Security Architecture

Keep business and people safe with IoT

Are you ready to add the Internet Of Things to your critical enterprise dialogues? Revolutionize enhanced strategic decision making and reduce alarm fatigue in the process.

When every second counts, your critical alarms need to be top-notch. Our hardware independent Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT lets management, control rooms, emergency responders and IoT work together quickly and effectively.

8 Use Cases To Get You Started

Start Automating Dialogues with Zero Code

Meet our no-code platform Dialogue Studio. Designed to make life easier and reduce IT costs.

Contact Center managers and supervisors don’t need time from a IT helpdesk. Easily build your ultimate voice bot dialogue. All by yourself. Just drag and drop nodes without codes to a canvas.

and much more. Rethink Your Business Communications!

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The Reception of Tomorrow

Provided with the right technology, your receptionist or attendant will add productivity and a great CX for your business. The Anywhere365® Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams is the most user-friendly reception console available today and brings a new standard for guidance to call transfers.

Meet Our Native Microsoft Teams Attendant Console

Get started today with Anywhere365®.
Rethink Contact Center.

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Anywhere365® recognized by Gartner in their 2020 Magic Quadrant Report for Cloud Contact Centers

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Get started today with Anywhere365®.
Rethink your contact center.

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