Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud platform Glossary

This glossary contains definitions for dialogue cloud, dialogue Management, Contact Centers and customer experience terms.

What is a Virtual Call Center?


A virtual call center (VCC) is often referred to as a call center or contact center where all customer enablement employees operate remotely in various locations. This could mean working from home or from a remote office. Meanwhile, the employees are connected with customers and colleagues through virtual call center software. This has many upsides, like providing customer support in different time zones and a reduction in overhead costs. Virtual call centers solve two of the most important issues regular call centers face:

1. incompatible business hours, and
2. employee turnover


What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Call Center?


A traditional call center has multiple downsides which can be solved by moving to a remote approach. The incompatible business hours for example. Many businesses have customers worldwide, but are only able to deliver customer support for about 8 hours a day. A virtual call center makes it easier to provide customer support 24 hours a day.  Simply because employees are able to work from their homes or remote offices, all over the world.

Furthermore, employee turnover is a big problem call centers face regularly. Due to the nature of their tasks and working hours, many agents are prone to burn out over time. Virtual call centers give them more flexibility, which improves happiness over time. This results in a higher employee retention rate, reducing costs for hiring and training new employees.  

Last, virtual call centers are in general a lot cheaper to set up than traditional ones. It is common knowledge that call centers are pretty costly. Companies need to acquire a lot of IT hardware and software which will only decrease in value over time. Furthermore, employees need to be equipped with necessary essentials like desks and chairs. Switching to an outsourced call center won’t fix these issues. On-site expenses will definitely be incorporated in their fees as well. Switching to a virtual contact center however, eliminates almost all hardware costs. As well as other costs associated with on-site employees. 


What virtual call center software is right for my company?

Choosing the right software solution can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to setting up a virtual call center. The customer experience you provide should never be hurt by the wrong choice of software, which is why it is important to consider topics like setting up the software, flexibility, usability and integrations. Anywhere365 cloud-based software shines in these aspects and can easily be rolled out, even beyond the call center. 

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