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Anywhere365® Cloud Contact Center solution

Rethink your Contact Center and take it from your on premise server to the cloud. Anywhere365® is the full cloud omnichannel Contact Center solution, native to the Microsoft ecosystem. But it is not just for the contact center department. With our significantly enhanced offering, which we call Dialogue Management, every Teams user in an organization can become a ‘contact center agent.’

Contact center from anywhere

Our Cloud Contact Center solution was built native to Microsoft Teams, making it easier than ever to manage contact center dialogues from anywhere.

Device-agnostic communications

Agents can process omnichannel customer service from any device: their CRM client, UC desktop or a mobile device. As long as they have Microsoft Teams.

Drive CX with all your CRM data

Delight customers with intelligent routing of dialogues in every communication channel, and extensive customer information at your agent's finger tips.

Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Capabilities

The Anywhere365® Cloud Contact Center software lets customers effortlessly engage with your business over the communications channels of their own choice: voice, chat, email, WhatsApp, social media, and many other channels.

Want to offer customers a large myriad of communications channels, but don’t want to lose contact center productivity? Reduce unnecessary dialogues! By feeding conversational AI, such as voice bots, with data and machine learning capabilities you can enhance the quality and usage of standard requests. And leave more complex ones to (the right) human agents.

Cloud Contact Center & Bots

Anywhere365® is set to work with voice bots and chat bots rather than old-fashioned IVR and chat menus. Conversational AI is at the very core of our cloud contact center software. Not just to talk directly to customers, but can also suggest answers for an agent. For instance when the question is too detailed, a bot can whisper the details to an agent, saving precious time.

Moreover, our Bring-Your-Own-Bot strategy is enabled by off-the-shelf integration into Natural Language Understanding APIs and bots from Microsoft, Google and more. Our zero code Dialogue Studio integrates with these AI technologies to automate contact center interactions and support a variety of self-service interfaces.

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Intelligent Routing in Your Cloud Contact Center

With Anywhere365® a call, chat interaction, email or other forms of customer contact can be intelligently routed to contact center agents and other employees. Based on their skills and the right context. Workers can have multiple skills. Our Cloud Contact Center routes calls to the best available agent based on numbers, skills, geography, IVR prompts, CRM data, and more.

Enhanced routing options including white-listing, black-listing and VIP customer routing. And supervisors can always intervene through a UCC Management web portal.

Advanced Agent Desktops

Our WebAgent is a cloud-native solution that extends contact center and other business applications to remote office or work-at-home agents and knowledge workers. It provides users with advanced cloud contact center and CRM functionality in a single pane of glass. Either as a stand alone solution or integrated into leading CRM, ATS or ITMS solutions, to add context to the dialogue.

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Cloud-based Reporting and Contact Center Management

Historical reporting and realtime Wallboards monitor contact center operations and identify service affecting issues. Microsoft Power BI tools combine with Anywhere365 data for drill-down analysis and actionable business intelligence. Gain a complete insight of the customer journey from first contact to final resolution. Even beyond the contact center.

Our Business Intelligence Suite uses SQL Reporting and Power BI to create dozens of standard reports. And everything that can be logged is available for further reporting and analysis.

Outbound Dialing

Outbound Dialer is a preview, power and progressive outbound dialing solution that enables businesses to increase revenues and control operating costs by driving lead generation, increasing sales conversion rates, and better utilizing agents during lulls in inbound traffic.

Recording and Quality Monitoring

Record inbound, outbound and internal calls and chats. Tag and automatically log recordings in your reports and CRM systems for agent coaching, quality monitoring and compliance purposes. For compliancy recording we have tightly integrated the Microsoft Certified software from ASC Technologies.

Flexible and Extensible

Imagine your ideal cloud contact center solution and make it a reality. Anywhere365 can be easily configured to satisfy even the most demanding omnichannel environments. The Anywhere365 platform integrates with Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Azure Cognitive Services and over 30 CRM, ATS and ERP solutions.

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