Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud platform Glossary

This glossary contains definitions for dialogue cloud, dialogue Management, Contact Centers and customer experience terms.

What is Contact Center Performance Management?


Contact center performance management is about the ongoing communication between a supervisor and an employee, regarding the accomplishment of a number of objectives. However, multiple elements influence this process of continuous performance management:

1. planning work and setting expectations
2. monitoring performance
3. developing the capacity to perform
4. periodically rating performance
5. rewarding good performance, and
6. correcting poor performance

The theories regarding contact center performance management rely at the very core on the principle of “what gets measured gets done”. Within a perfect organization, a combination of relevant metrics and targets are created beforehand. These metrics and targets should relate from top-level business objectives to daily activities of support agents. Managers should monitor these metrics continuously and engage with the support teams accordingly; rewarding good performance and triggering actions in case of underperformance. 


How to improve contact center performance management?


First, setting clear and measurable KPIs is essential in starting out with the improvement of contact center performance management. These KPIs can relate from top-level business objectives to the daily activities of support agents. The main goal is to influence the performance of the contact center within the context of the organization. 

Second, the empowerment of your support agents is very important to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. When you support an agent with the appropriate tools, he will speak confidently for the company. And customer experience will drastically improve. 

Third, giving agents feedback and listening to them, allows the company to use them to the best of their abilities. Consistency and targeting are key here. They make employees feel appreciated and keep them up-to-date with the company’s standards for customer service. 

Fourth, try to analyze as many customer interactions as possible. These large volumes of data can provide accurate and actionable insights. This will help improve existing support procedures, set up new training programs and improve existing training programs. If contact center performance management is done right, the overall contact center performance will increase. 

Last, establish positive incentives for good performance beforehand. These incentives can come in many different forms, but the main goal should always be to encourage employees to their very best, all the time. When notifying your employees about these incentives beforehand, they can help them stay motivated, maintain a high level of morale, and make them feel appreciated.


How can cloud-based software increase agent performance? 

Moving to cloud-based software solutions could mean increased flexibility for your support agents. This increased flexibility helps improve employee happiness and therefore increase employee retention. Furthermore, with software that supports your omnichannel customer service strategy, it is a lot easier for support agents to turn into top performers. Data helps a lot as well in this regard for employers, giving useful insights for the improvement of employee training and individual coaching. 

Anywhere365 supports businesses with such customizable cloud-based software solutions, to keep improving the customer experience while making sure that every employee is performing to the best of his abilities. We are seeing more and more enterprises shift their focus from contact center performance to customer dialogue success, as anyone in the company can at some point become the contact center.

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