Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud platform Glossary

This glossary contains definitions for dialogue cloud, dialogue Management, Contact Centers and customer experience terms.

What is Workforce Optimization?


Workforce optimization (WFO) is about optimizing the efficiency of the workforce within an organization. This includes processes like forecasting, scheduling, data collection, data analytics, budgeting, recruiting, field service management, human resource management, training and performance management. Most organizations use workforce optimization in the context of call centers or contact centers. It becomes more important and complex in an omnichannel customer service strategy. 

Workforce optimization provides key insights into the performance of the workforce, especially the customer experience. This could mean automating entire processes, making important data more visible, and supporting better decision-making.

Continuous optimization measures allow for an ever improving customer experience. First, implement a solution that is able to forecast and schedule staff and labor based on collected data. Furthermore, it is important to include all key stakeholders in the process. Next, it is vital to match the right job with the right employee skill set and availability. This will ensure the best fit of human resources across your organization. Last, try to collect and analyze as much data as possible for the metrics that are most important. That way, you will increase visibility into workforce performance and attached results. 


What is workforce optimization software?

Workforce optimization software is a solution to be able to manage and optimize a number of elements related to workforce productivity. Staffing requirements, short-term peak loads, availability, holidays, budgets, skills, labor law-related restrictions, as well as contractual terms are some examples of elements that can be tracked within such a solution in order to better forecast, schedule, manage and optimize staff and labor. 

While the above mentioned are the necessary essentials, not all workforce optimization software solutions support all customer channels. This can be a big letdown when managing an omnichannel contact center. Anywhere365 tackles this issue by providing possible integration for a number of CRMs and customer communication channels with its cloud-based solutions. Managing and optimizing an omnichannel workforce has therefore been made relatively simple, in order to be able to continuously improve the customer experience. 

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