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Communications routing effectiveness

Reduce unnecessary dialogues with Communications routing effectiveness

We help you to reduce unnecessary dialogues.
For many organizations, the result of digitalization has been a plethora of communication tools and platforms. Instead of being more productive, we are drowning in unnecessary communication.

Enable Customer Self-service

IVR and Integrated Chat Response (ICR) routing options improve customer service and reduce costs.

Improve Agent Productivity

Azure AI Bots process routine customer interactions leaving complex dialogues for live agents.

Enhance Business Intelligence

Timeline and Power BI reporting capture, analyze, and archive interactions over the entire customer journey.

Intelligent Routing

Omnichannel dialogue routing allows routing calls based on numbers, skills, geography, IVR prompts, CRM data, etc. Enhanced routing options including white-listing, black-listing and VIP customer routing.

Smart routing connects the customer to the right agent

Anywhere365 intelligently routes dialogues to the best agent, knowledge worker or employee, ensuring customers enjoy first contact resolution of their issues.

Configure Smart Routing options in the SharePoint settings.

It is possible to regulate, based on a regular expression the number(s) to a specific skill. With this feature you are able to route specific numbers or number plans to specific skills. This feature can be used together with a SharePoint workflow, or an Anywhere635 Timer Job, to schedule a specific situation when specific routing can work.

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