AFAS Software

afasAFAS Software is a Dutch family-owned company that specializes in developing innovative software products for the business market.

Making the customer experience specific and personal

The Story

AFAS Sotware wanted to transform their customer support operations, with greater flexibility and a more customer centric approach. After an extensive comparison with competitors, they chose Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud as their hub for customer engagements.

They have become huge fans of our low code Dialogue Studio environment to improve productivity as well as faster customer resolutions. This really allowed AFAS to get ahead of the curve while leveraging their existing Microsoft stack investments

The Secret Sauce To Customer Centricity

AFAS Software is known to be a super customer centric company. They've proven that connecting different sources of data can make the customer experience very specific and personal.  In this 2 minutes video we’re unveiling their secret sauce to a really customer-oriented approach. Spoiler: it’s about agility and flexibility, about being in control and striving to maximize the value of time on both ends of the line!

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