10 More Benefits Of Great Cloud Contact Center Software

With agents working from home or a remote office, on-premise call centers are no longer sufficient. In our previous blog post we have talked about the first few reasons why virtual contact centers are the cornerstone of successful customer engagement. In this blog post we will give you 10 more benefits of cloud contact center software. But first, let’s quickly summarize our previous conclusions.

Work From Anywhere

Cloud contact center software is location-agnostic. People from all around the world can work from the same system and cover your most essential time zones. Location-independent platforms also result in higher productivity and happier agent, leading to more loyal customers.


Easy To Scale

Also, cloud contact centers are less expensive and easier to scale, because it’s no longer about the hardware. OPEX pricing allows you to control costs, even based on seasonality, without creating negative effects on your staff or customers.


Now, let’s move on to our next two reasons to move to the cloud!


Cloud Contact Center Software Provides The Best Data Security

Data security, without a doubt, is one of the of the most crucial concerns when working with contact center solutions and databases. Business-destroying scenarios can occur when this is not managed sufficiently. And the likelihood of such devastating events are increasing daily, as hackers and cybercriminals keep upgrading their sophisticated methods.


Cloud contact center software is the better way to keep sensitive customer information safe. It dematerializes your data and delocalizes data storage. It’s become significantly easier to make backups of data and keep systems regularly updated with new security features. Simply because you switch focus from hardware to software.


We believe that it’s a huge responsibility of the software provider too, to keep reviewing and upgrading security protocols. To that end Anywhere365® is ISO27001 certified and our security department is here to ensure consistency, compliancy and maximum security of the Anywhere365® cloud contact center.


Improved Customer Engagement

Your investment in cloud contact center software will increase the profitability of your business. Research shows that more than half of the consumers are willing to pay more if they get a better customer experience in return. And, on the other side, 86% will switch to your competitor for a poor experience. So, how do cloud contact center platforms help you in this? Let’s take our own Anywhere365® Dialogue Cloud as an example.


10 Benefits Of Our Dialogue Cloud Contact Center Software

  • Engage customers effortlessly across the communications channels of their choice, from any location and at any time.
  • Real-time voice-to-text, text-to-voice and text-to-text processing and translation create flawless conversations in over 60 languages.
  • Smart AI chat bots and voice bots will handle all routine requests, e.g. customers can ask for their last 2 invoices, create a helpdesk ticket or get an update on their order status.
  • More complex or more valuable dialogues can be routed to live agents, based on numbers, agent skills, geography, CRM data, VIP customer routing and many more.
  • CRM-data, context and history of the dialogue always moves with the customer, ensuring them to enjoy first contact resolution of their issues.
  • Calls can easily be transferred from a single pane of glass, thanks to our native integration with Microsoft Teams.
  • In fact, anyone in your business can now become the contact center, from professional agents to knowledge workers and sales representatives.
  • Managers can monitor, track and analyze service levels and all the dialogue events from their own couch
  • Comprehensive business intelligence tools will positively impact business workflows, improve customer service and streamline operations.
  • Data mining solutions allow for business intelligence capabilities, like detection of dialogue patterns, capacity bottlenecks or compliance violations.


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