8 Use Cases To Integrate IoT Into Your Enterprise Dialogues

The newest part of our Anywhere365® tech stack is called Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT. It allows sensors as data sources and brings the Internet of Things into your critical dialogues. The Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT is natively attached to Microsoft Teams and designed hardware independent.


In our previous IoT blog we have shown the scenario of a fire alarm in a plant. How we push the alarm on a dashboard, automatically send a message to emergency responders. Meanwhile we direct nearby cameras towards the emergency and can even send a drone in the sky. In this blog post we give you 7 more use cases of our Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT.


7 More Use Cases For Integrating IoT Into Enterprise Dialogues


1. Production Safety For Infant Dairy


Safety is key in the production of infant formula. Producers have strict quality demands to comply with and need to notify employees ASAP in case of calamities. Our Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT ensures that employees on the scene get push notifications with required following of protocols. People in (senior) management can be notified through a text message, so they can take measures if needed.


2. Alerts With SCADA Floor Maps For A Large Airline


If employees can be all over the world, you still want them to be able to help each other in case of emergencies. A large German airline ensures productivity and safety of personnel with critical alarms on their Alcatel OXE devices. Our Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT enriches the device to give automated alarms, such as man down. It shows the nearest co-workers the exact location and the fastest route to the incident, based on a SCADA floor map.


3. Productivity For A Biscuits Factory


The world’s most famous cookies factory needs to stay productive, no matter what. All plant workers have DECT phones from several brands and need to be always attainable. The hardware independent Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT, manages fire alarms and man down alerts. Every employee can either accept or reject an alarm, which will be logged in a Microsoft Teams channel. This ensures safety and productivity, but also a logged history of the event.


4. Silent Alarms For A Supervisory Chamber


A governmental supervisory chamber lets central agents or receptionists trigger threat alarms in the building. The alarm will show a SCADA map silently on the nearest security officer’s portophone or IoS smartapp. With the Motorola DMR integration we support security officers to accept or reject an alarm. If a reaction takes too long the alarm will be escalated to other employees in the building or even to the police


5. Ingress Control For An Asian Airport


An award winning airport on the Asian continent uses the Dialogue Cloud for IoT to give maximum insight in operator locations and actionable data in case of man down incidents. They have control over ingress to secured parts of the airport and automated key procedures to combat breaches of fire safety. The dialogue takes place between control room, floor operators, security officers, and IoT systems.


6. Italian Distillery – One Solution For All Dialogues


From automated opening and closing of doors to lone worker prevention, displayed in a SCADA graphic floor plan. This company manages all kinds of critical dialogues in the same cloud solution that the contact center uses. They just use different parts of the solution for different objectives and by different departments. Physical alarm buttons on smartphones and DECT-handsets activate conference calls and silent alarms for the control room. Cheers!


7. The Golden Case At A European Bank


Our ultimate safety proof comes from one of Europe’s largest banks. The Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT stores and protects their gold. It is now infinitely harder then before to steal any of it. The system controls their vaults and can send automated alarms to employees’ DECT handsets. What do you consider your gold? And, if even a large bank chooses our solution, what is your excuse not to do it?


Find Out More:

More use cases can be found in global ship yards, governmental instances, hotels and luxury businesses. Interested in these cases or how we can help you add IoT to your enterprise dialogues? Let’s get in touch and request your demo today!

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