Manage Enterprise Dialogues From The Home Office. This Is How It’s Done.

Remote working from a digital workplace has become a serious topic. And even more so in the past few weeks. C-level looks at the coherence of applications from a holistic view. Companies have started, or even partially completed, digital transformations where the money is earned: the customer. But we need to include employees in the transformation process. Especially contact center agents are a significant part of the customer experience. Due to COVID-19 things are changing fast. So in this blog post I’d like to show you how you manage Enterprise Dialogues from home.


Do you optimally take advantage of new digital opportunities? Are you helping agents to do their work efficiently, with pleasure and maximum value for the customer? Regardless if they work from the office or from home? You need to utilize the coherence of digital applications in daily work if you want to see big business advantages from your digitization. Let technology and human agents help the customer together. This will increase efficiency and employee satisfaction. and on the other hand it will contribute greatly to organizational objectives.


Systems Connectivity Is Key To Manage Enterprise Dialogues From Home


A big problem for many enterprises is that there is often insufficient connection between business facing and customer facing systems. This prevents employees and customers to connect to the same new digital processes. Or they are connected in the office, but not when working from home. This causes issues in capacity planning and makes enterprise dialogues frustrating to the employee’s and the customer’s experience.

The right technology does not just automate simple actions, but will also influence the digital dexterity of your people. Whether they’re working in the office or remote. This requires integration with CRM systems and being able to track and report on the communications. Customers will experience less errors, more speed, more flexibility and therefore more quality.


Communications Need To Be Treated As A Logistical Process


Employees, and especially call center agents, are a significant part of digital transformation in 2020. It’s up to you to determine to what extent you will bring business facing and customer facing systems together. But you will not achieve your goals by simply pouring old wine into new bags. You can only successfully drive this transformation if you bring tech to where it really facilitates the human factor in customer contact. Not restricted by time or place or communications channel. Communications simply need to be more logistical when people work at home, office and other locations. You only have a specific amount of productivity in your “warehouse of time”. So, treat communications as the precious commodity that needs to be managed as well as your logistical supply chain processes.


Monetize On The Benefits Of Microsoft Teams With Anywhere365®


You don’t necessarily have to change the core of your workforce systems. 85% of the enterprises in the world use Microsoft Teams (part of the Office365 Enterprise solution). If your organization is licensed for Office 365, you already have it. The platform becomes even more attractive with announced improvements in the field of usability and integrations with other proven productivity tools.


Anywhere365® is a full extension of the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business platform, and provides you with a Logistical Distributed Working Environment, in a secure infrastructure: we are ISO27001 certified!


We can help you manage all your enterprise dialogues from home. Our Dialogue Cloud runs from Azure to deliver Contact Center and Enterprise Dialogue Management solutions. It lets you monetize on all the benefits of Teams. Don’t have it yet? Microsoft announced that it will make Teams available for everyone. For free.


Smart & Direct Routing Of Your Enterprise Dialogues


Anywhere365® is the world’s leading Enterprise Dialogue Management and Cloud Contact Center for the Microsoft Ecosystem including Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. 1000 of the largest global enterprises in over 60 countries use it. You can dock Anywhere365® to any CRM or back office services, e.g. Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce and ServiceNow. It is focused on routing smart data and enabling intelligent dialogues between people and groups. Both internally within your organization and between your company and your customers. In any place, any time zone and any communications channel.


We’d Love To Show You How Anywhere365® Can Help You Manage Enterprise Dialogues From Home And Benefit Your Business.

Request Your Free Demo Now! We Can Set You Up Within A Day.


Stay Safe, Manage Customer Dialogues from Home, Add Productivity and Reduce Unnecessary Dialogues. We are here to help.


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