ServiceNow Self-Service Made Easy And Intelligent With Voice Bots

“I can’t print”. Sounds like an easy question, right? But how long does it take for your (internal or external) customer to get this solved? We bet their answer will be ‘too long’. If you could only become more efficient as a service department and getting happier customers in the process! Well, have we got some good news for you! Anywhere365® can deepen your ServiceNow self-service.


If you’re working in IT, you’re probably working with ServiceNow as a ticketing system. But did you know that the platform is more than just that? It can bring other data together in the IT Operations Management solution. Everything is API-driven and able to talk to third-party platforms, such as our Anywhere365® Unified Contact Center solution. And we’re proud to say that we just made your ServiceNow self-service options even cooler. With next level intelligent Voice Bots!


The Path To Operational Efficiency


Companies try to be more efficient, and save a lot of money. A much chosen path is the automation of customer workflows. Self-service solutions are becoming increasingly popular. The customer can easily ask his question and automatically get an immediate answer. But we’re seeing a lot of suboptimal solutions out there.


Enterprises cut on their human contact center agents. Instead, they introduce self-service portals where you have to log in. For example to download an invoice, to adjust data or to ask for a ticket update. With hardly any intelligence behind the offered service. Often we see these solutions cause only MORE dialogues and frustrate the customer’s experience.


  • What if you can provide the same, or even a higher, level of service on the phone?
  • What if you could call your telco provider and within 20 seconds get an email with your last 2 invoices?
  • What if you could call your helpdesk, and without a waiting line, create a ticket or get an update of your issue status?


Topnotch ServiceNow Self-Service In 5 Easy Steps


We have created exclusive ServiceNow voice bots to let IT helpdesks and contact centers increase their efficiency by up to 65%. Customers will be impressed with the most intelligent experience they’ve ever had.

We’d like to show you an example of how our Anywhere365® Dialogue Studio lets you create topnotch self-service dialogues. All by yourself. In just 5 steps


1. Customer Opens A Chat Session On Your Support Page Or A Call To Your Helpdesk


We let the customer engage with our Anywhere365® ServiceNow Bot. For example a chat, using Microsoft Teams or a phone call, using Google Cloud Speech to Text Transcriber.


2. Our Anywhere365® Dialogue Studio Sends The Message To A Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Application


Our Anywhere365® Dialogue Studio is built as a low-code solution that allows you to dock to API-based services, such as Google DialogFlow, Q&A Maker, Microsoft LUIS or any other.


3. NLU Application Seizes The Customer’s Intents


Does the customer want to create a new ticket or ask information about an existing one? Are they asking you for information regarding an issue or are they offering it? It’s not always easy to say, but we can capture 80% of the customer’s intents. And with realtime translation we can even realize that when they use a different language.


4. Anywhere365® Dialogue Studio Looks Up A Matching Question In A Knowledge Base


As soon as our systems understand the customer’s intent and question, we can providing the customer with that question, but also with the best fitting answer. In 80% of the cases we can solve customer questions First Time Right. Making a huge impact on your effiency as well as the customer experience.


5. No First Time Right? The Customer Can Choose To Escalate To A Ticket Or Agent


The Anywhere365® Dialogue Studio will tell the ServiceNow API to create a ticket or route the call to the most appropriate agent, with the complete contact history from your CRM, including the contact they just had with the bot. This is something that is often forgotten, but so important to really make a difference and coin the embraced digital transformation.


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