Supercharge Candidate Experiences with Bullhorn and Anywhere365®

In the attempt to attract the best talents, companies in virtually every sector are looking to stand out from others. What does it take to win the hearts of potential candidates, next to decent working conditions? The impact is made where the journey for a new job starts. To find competitive strategies to attract, retain and delight talent, companies personalize candidate experience with ATS technologies such as Bullhorn and new channels.

Adding the human touch in AI dialogues and at the same time empowering recruitment teams with conversational AI is the way towards smarter and more effective channels of communication. But don’t stop there! A lot of these channels and a many ATS technologies are less valuable than they could be. And that has a quite simple reason: they are siloed, and not an integrated part of the IT ecosystem and the enterprise dialogue management strategy.


If you really want to make candidate engagement a competitive advantage, here’s how to do it.


One Dialogue Management Strategy: an integrated Dialogue Ecosystem

I mean: imagine how much you could win if the chat bot on your website would not just recognize if someone has a support question or wants to buy your product. What if that same end point could also recognize someone asking if you have any interesting vacancies in your marketing department. What if that person can get an overview of job openings, including a link to apply now? It is not even that difficult, it just requires a new way of thinking and act accordingly.


Most companies have built their conversations around end point solutions instead of putting the data first. It’s costing them serious money, and is highly ineffective. But you don’t have to suffer that same fate. If you really want to make candidate engagement a competitive advantage, here’s how to do it:


Start with one overarching dialogue management strategy. Your CRM and ATS systems store boat loads of (historical) data. Putting that data in the core of the various interactions in your enterprise will make your candidate experiences more efficient and boost your attractiveness as an employer. Our seamless integrations with leading ATS and CMS systems, such as our WebAgent for Bullhorn drive candidate experience.


Multichannel or Omnichannel Candidate Experience

Should you use as many cool channels as you can to engage with your potential candidates? Well, the truth is that a genuinely interested applicant will probably be happy to interact in any given channel. The struggle, however, is to make it frictionless for them to switch from a chat bot on your website to calling with a human person. For instance when the bot can’t recognize the intent or can’t properly answer a specific question. It happens. With machine learning you can make your bots better and better, but it will require time. My advice will be not to go for a endpoint-based multi-channel applicant journey, but a data-based omnichannel journey.  In short: help customers switch channels easily.


Do you want to create a valuable personalized candidate experience, radically reduce unnecessary dialogues and increase productivity in your recruitment? Then make all the channels a part of the same closed loop cloud communications system. And that’s exactly where your Bullhorn client comes in.


Create a seamless candidate experience and better applicant relationships & hire more people with less effort!


Dock your Bullhorn Client to Anywhere365®

Anywhere365® Web Agent turns Bullhorn into a powerful tool for recruiters, hiring managers and others. It seamlessly integrates with the Bullhorn interface and provides users with cloud-based omnichannel communication functionality. No more moving between applications! People can receive and send calls, chats, emails and video all from within their Bullhorn client.

Customer information for inbound and outbound interactions are automatically displayed and directly linked to their CRM record. The Anywhere365® Timeline shows the entire candidate journey from initial contact to the signing of a contract. And it logs all the data in Bullhorn ATS system.


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