Turn Salesforce Into The Smartest Contact Center Ever

Businesses in every sector are looking to new channels and technologies to personalize the customer experiences. Several studies (for example this one from Salesforce) show that customer management executives all around the globe have one main focus. Which is empowering sales and support dialogues with real personalized communication. They want to add the human touch in AI dialogues and at the same time empower real-life agents. In this blog post I will tell you how you do that and create smart contact center dialogues within the Salesforce Interface.


Salesforce In The Core Of Your Virtual Contact Center


I’m very excited to see new technologies being brought to the table for omni-channel customer support and sales activities. We love it when enterprise dialogues are as painless as possible, regardless of the chosen communication channels. Service quality differentiation is a competitive strategy to attract, retain and delight customers. However, a lot of these new technologies are not as valuable as they could be. The reason is as simple as it is frustrating: the new channels are not a part of the IT ecosystem.


Don’t you hate it when you have ordered this awesome birthday present for your spouse and the shop’s ‘smart’ chat bot can’t tell you when delivery is due? And when you call the company, you need to provide the call center agent with the exact same information that you just shared with their bot? Or, have you ever experienced a ‘cold’ call from a company that you actually did have previous contact with? You’re not alone.


Now, I’m not saying that a chat bot should greet customers by their nickname and ask if they enjoyed their birthday last Saturday. But most customer interactions are all the way on the other side of the line. Their Salesforce CRM stores boat loads of (historical) data, but the Salesforce data isn’t in the core of the customer dialogue. And as a result, customers and leads suffer from impersonal service.


Impersonal Communication Is Costing You Money


Both sales and customer service are experienced as impersonal when they’re not informed by previous interactions. Tons of people are facing the frustration of impersonal communication from enterprises every day. And it is not only time-consuming and frustrating for them, but also very inefficient and costly for your business.


Customers who feel negative about your company, product and services will walk away and even talk about it with their peers. Customer expectations have gone up, my friend! But not to a level that you can’t deliver.


Switch Channels Easily


In our business we often see that customers are happy to interact with e.g. a chat bot, but eventually want to have contact with a human agent. For instance because the bot fails to recognize the question or the experienced problem can only be resolved by a real person.


The best thing you can do (and what customers actually expect!) is to help customers switch channels easily. And make sure your newest customer communication channel knows who they’re talking with. Meaning that your agent as well as your AI really understands the customer’s questions and helps them fix it. Preferably in a way that brings a smile to their faces.


Do you want to create a valuable personalized customer experience, radically reduce unnecessary dialogues and increase your call center productivity? Then make all the channels a part of the same closed loop cloud communications system. And that’s exactly where your Salesforce client comes in.


Nest Your Contact Center In The Salesforce Interface


Anywhere365® Web Agent turns Salesforce into a powerful tool for contact center agents and knowledge workers. It utilizes the Salesforce CTI to integrate with the Salesforce interface and provides users with cloud-based contact center functionality. No more moving between applications! People can receive and send calls, chats, emails and video all from within their Salesforce client.


Customer information for inbound and outbound interactions are automatically displayed and directly linked to their CRM record. The Anywhere365® Timeline shows the entire customer journey from initial contact to closing, including interactions transferred outside the contact center. And it logs the information in Salesforce. Agents enjoy efficiency gains and provide greater customer service through an immediate and complete view of the caller’s information in a single pane of glass.


Increase Productivity and Success with Anywhere365


This Seamless Way Of Work Lets Your Sales Team Close More Deals, Lets Customers Experience More First Time Fixes Of Their Issues And Helps You Create More Loyal Customer Relationships!

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