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Omnichannel Contact Center

Omnichannel Enterprise Communications

Voice, chat, email, social media, video or bots: Anywhere365 is an omnichannel cloud communication solution that allows you to engage your customers effortlessly across communications channels of their choice. The context and history of the dialogue always moves with them.

Optimize service and CX

Customers can reach out on the channel of their choice; confident their interactions will always receive the appropriate priority and service consistency.

Maximize agent productivity

While AI Bots can handle routine requests, agents can focus on servicing multiple concurrent higher-value or more complex customer interactions.

Gain valuable customer insights

Capture, analyze, and archive customer interaction data using advanced Timeline, Power BI reporting tools and integrations to over 30 CRM systems.

Engaging Customers from Any Communications Channel

Today’s customers are increasingly mobile and reach out through a myriad of communications channels from various locations and times of day. Anywhere365 omnichannel contact center manages these diverse customer dialogues to help organizations personalize the customer experience and empower workforce efficiency.


Sophisticated routing algorithms combined with Azure AI provide real-time voice processing and translation in over a dozen languages.

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Intelligently route and interact with chat sessions from a website or client with real-time translation in over 60 languages.

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AI bots reduce costs and improve the customer experience by intelligently processing routine interactions, leaving more complex dialogues for live agents.

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Automatically determine required skills, prioritize, route and handle email messages in real-time as any other communications channel.

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Prioritize, route and interact with mobile customers using SMS services from the agent’s desktop client.

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Interact with customers over voice, chat and video on their favorite platforms including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more.

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Route data and alerts from the software and sensors imbedded in appliances, vehicles, devices and buildings to the appropriate answer point.

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Anywhere365 makes it possible to chat with a group of (federated) Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business users, while the customer uses the WhatsApp client.

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Microsoft Teams

Anywhere365 Contact Center and Enterprise Dialogue Management is able to leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Teams to route calls to Teams powered agents with all the rich features of Anywhere365

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Skype for Business

Microsoft Skype for Business is a communication platform from Microsoft, designed for the business market.

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Manage Customer Dialogues over Any Channel, on Any Device, from Anywhere. 

Switch channels any time and continue the conversation in the customer’s preferred communication mode

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Agents Handle Omnichannel Interactions from Their Preferred Client

From their clients, users can access CRM data, monitor service levels and easily transfer interactions from any channel to other agents, skill groups, or subject matter experts.

Complete Supervisor Insight Into the Customer Journey, From First Contact to Final Resolution.

Zoom from a global to granular view of Anywhere365 data for your specific business intelligence needs. You can make your own dashboard in any style or form. Simply connect to your database and drag and drop the graphics in to place.

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Anywhere365 Web Agent CRM integrations

Improve productivity by managing and tracking omnichannel customer dialogues directly into your CRM client without having to move between applications.

We seamlessly integrate with over 30 CRM systems, such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SAP C4C and ServiceNow

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Web Agent (standalone)

Manage queues for webchat, text handling and voice in real-time, view advanced dialogue history and monitor colleague’s availability to provide a superior customer experience.

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