Your Receptionist’s Best Friend: Our Attendant Console For Microsoft Teams

Last year we acquired the PeterConnects brand, a leading cloud Receptionist Console vendor. I am very excited to share that we have now leveraged their 20+ years track record to extend our family of products. Many partners and customers who were waiting for this product to come. So it is with great joy that I officially present you the Anywhere365® Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams!


Customers value the way our flagship product Dialogue Cloud reduces unnecessary dialogues in contact centers and internal service desks. And it is our ambition to achieve these significant efficiencies in reception attendant operations as well. Our new service provides a wide range of modern and intelligent reception features to enable spotless calls. I am confident that the Attendant Console will become your receptionist’s best friend, thanks to extremely-easy-to-use widgets. Watch our demo video to see how.


You Have Only One Shot


I’ve always believed a receptionist with strong skills in courtesy, tact and diplomacy is an asset to any organization. They have a key role in the perception of your business.  But you have only one shot. Enabling your phone operator to make every incoming call flawless, will create a great first impression for customers. How it works? Watch our demo video. Or go straight to you FREE 30-day trial.


Key Benefits Attendant Console For Microsoft Teams


Anywhere365® Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams is always available, from any location or device. As long as there’s an internet connection. Boost productivity with functions such as call-back reminders, contact notes, and automatic monitoring of hook state and presence. The easily personalized call screen offers a uniform view of all queues. Operators transfer calls with drag-and-drop.


We regularly update and improve the Attendant Console with new features. Our development team constantly stretches its boundaries by integrating new developments and technologies. Every operator can add and customize their Attendant Console with preferred widgets, from our own stack as well as from third parties. A few examples are the calendar widget, call notes and integrations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce. But also widgets for e.g. Google Maps or Twitter.


Download All Key Features


Anywhere365® Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams is a browser-based interface with all standard call controls and Microsoft phone support, and can include a variety of integrations and custom widgets (SDK). Interested in all the features? Download the full list on the product page.


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