Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud platform Glossary

This glossary contains definitions for dialogue cloud, dialogue Management, Contact Centers and customer experience terms.

What is a Cloud Contact Center?


A cloud contact center is often referred to as a place where all customer communication channels are being handled through a cloud-based software solution. Employees could be working from home or a remote office space from all over the world. Working with a cloud-based contact center platform has many upsides, like a reduction in overhead costs, easier insights into the customer lifecycle, workforce optimization, and an omnichannel customer experience.


What are the benefits of a cloud contact center?


The ever increasing customer demands have caused traditional contact center software to be lacking in numerous areas. Customers expect that they can communicate with a company in many different ways. This makes it harder to provide customers with the same experience across all touchpoints in the customer journey. Furthermore, many companies struggle with supporting customers for more than 8 hours a day. On top of that, overhead costs and employee turnover are big problems contact centers face regularly. Due to the nature of the tasks performed by support agents, they are prone to burn out over time. 

The switch to a cloud contact center can provide support agents with the required amount of flexibility to increase employee happiness and  retention. And they require little to no startup costs. The ability to accommodate a virtual contact center with this software decreases the overhead costs even more. This also solves the companies’ struggle with supporting customers for more than 8 hours a day. Support employees can work from all over the world, which could mean – when managed properly – that customer support can be provided 24 hours a day. 

Lastly, cloud contact center software – like Anywhere365’s Dialogue Cloud – is highly customizable to a company’s specific needs to create a seamless experience for individual customers. This customizable software delivers a personalized customer experience at every touch point of the customer journey. This is done by the integration of multichannel solutions, streamlining the customer service process and a both scalable and flexible platform to improve customer experience. 


What cloud contact center software is right for my company? 


Choosing the right software solution can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to setting up a contact center. The customer experience should never be hurt by the wrong choice of software. Which is why it is important to consider topics like software set up, flexibility, usability, and integrations. Anywhere365 cloud-based software shines in these aspects and can easily be rolled out, even beyond the contact center. 

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