Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud platform Glossary

This glossary contains definitions for dialogue cloud, dialogue Management, Contact Centers and customer experience terms.

What is Omnichannel Customer Service?


Customer communication has evolved drastically over the past years. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have become increasingly important for all kinds of organizations. And customer expectations have increased accordingly. Nowadays, the average customer expects a company to deliver the same brand experience across all possible customer communication channels. Omnichannel customer service has become mandatory.

Not only does this benefit the customer. Delivering omnichannel customer service helps companies get better understanding of the customer lifecycle. Synchronizing multiple channels with each other makes sure conversation history is available at all times. This helps support agents to provide better customer experiences again and again. The unification of all channels under one platform is very important to achieve this. 


Why is omnichannel customer service important?

Omnichannel customer service is important for a number of reasons. It helps companies in delivering a cohesive customer experience across different touchpoints in the customer journey. This makes channel transitions seamless as well; conversation history does not get lost, customers are still reachable and the provided experience is exactly the same. For example, a customer could talk to your company on the phone, hang up and interact with live-chat on your website, and eventually visit the physical store. Across all these channels, the customer experience should be the same. 

Furthermore, companies are able to find resolutions faster for customers, because the omnichannel strategy allows companies to handle more requests. On top of that, companies are able to provide consistent support across multiple online and offline channels, which improves the overall customer experience. Companies themselves are simultaneously able to get better insights into the customer lifecycle, which makes it easier to provide a great customer experience and thereby increase customer retention. 


How to improve omnichannel customer service?

First of all, to provide the best possible customer service across touchpoints within the customer journey, it is important to map out the customer journey as detailed as possible. When identifying key factors to improve at individual touchpoints, improving the customer experience is a lot easier. Furthermore, it is essential to use the right technology in enabling these touchpoints to create a seamless experience across the customer journey. 

Customer support should be made effortless by enabling customers to reach support agents with their preferred methods of communication; live chat, chat-bots, video and traditional calls, etc. Last, try to use customer feedback to increase customer activation and retention. Customer feedback can be used to drastically improve the customer journey, which makes surveying your customers regularly another important factor in improving omnichannel customer service. 

Anywhere365 supports these efforts by providing companies with cloud-based contact center software solutions that make delivering a consistent experience across multiple channels incredibly easy. Customize the software to your liking and provide customers with an ever improving omnichannel customer experience. 

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