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The Netherlands

October 10, 2016

Fujitsu provides a digital workplace, based on global standards, which enables users to commute between offices, while increasing the opportunity for collaboration.

The story


Robeco wanted a partner that could combine local presence with global reach and provide the tools and support it needed to grow as a business. It wanted to better serve its clients with a state-of-the-art and always up-to-date workplace solution, supporting working anytime and anyplace.


Fujitsu provides Robeco’s users with a hardware independent digital workplace, based on global standards and latest Microsoft technology, including Windows10, Skype for Business, Anywhere365 Contact Center and Dialogue Management Platform, Office365 and OneDrive for Business. Fujitsu provides onsite support while a local Fujitsu Service Desk provides round the clock phone support.


  • Users enjoy a consistent experience regardless of work location, enabling global mobility
  • New collaboration tools encourage users to connect and innovate
  • User satisfaction has increased by the concept of the workplace and onsite support, improving productivity
  • A true global and standard workplace supporting global cooperation



Founded in Rotterdam in 1929, Robeco is a global asset manager, with over 85 years’ experience in fund investing. Robeco offers a mix of investment solutions within a broad range of strategies to institutional and private investors worldwide. The company has offices in Rotterdam, London, Paris, Madrid, Sydney, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Products and services

  • Fujitsu End User Services
  • Fujitsu Service Desk & Onsite Support
  • Fujitsu Network Services
  • Fujitsu Telephony and Call Center Services
  • Fujitsu Security Services
  • Fujitsu Service Integration & Cross Functional processes (ITIL)
  • Microsoft (Windows10, Office365, DirectAccess, Intune, Azure, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Anywhere365)



Since 1999 Robeco has outsourced its infrastructure. After a turbulent period Robeco has achieved most of its goals due to outsourcing its infrastructure services, but end-user satisfaction was not at the desired level. “Our business expected more local and more personal onsite support rather than just offshoring it in order to boost end-user satisfaction,” explains Ton Ligtvoet, Executive Director IT Sourcing, Architecture and Portfolio Management at Robeco. “When we also decided to move to a new headquarter building, it provided the ideal greenfield opportunity to go to market again.”

Robeco asked a number of IT service providers to present their vision of the next generation workplace and service concept in order to achieve end-user satisfaction objectives. The larger service providers consulted offered more of the same, while smaller service providers lacked the complexity and global reach. It needed to find the right balance between global scope and local presence.

“Fujitsu came out on top with its ‘small enough to care; big enough to deliver’ message and its clear ability to support our global operations while giving us the attention we needed at our new head office,” adds Ligtvoet. “Fujitsu had the flexibility and customer intimacy we were looking for so it was the natural choice. It also had demonstrable experience in deploying the Microsoft tools we needed at other clients.”


Starting in 2015, a team was put together consisting of Robeco and Fujitsu employees as well representatives from the incumbent supplier. The key success factor was for all team members to collaborate effectively to enable the overall transition, especially because the back-end of the Fujitsu workplace was deployed out of the data center from the incumbent supplier. Fujitsu now provides Robeco’s users with a hardware independent, digital workplace, based on global standards and latest Microsoft technology. It is a state-of-the-art and always up-to-date digital workplace that can be used anywhere and anytime. Users have access to Robeco’s core applications, corporate data, as well as collaboration, security and customer support services. It is an open workplace where the user is in control and has the ability to work efficiently with others within the security framework of Robeco.

Fujitsu’s combined Service Counter and Service Desk is located in the Robeco head office. During office hours, users can either contact the skilled Service Desk directly via phone, email or chat, or can visit the Service Counter for support.

Outside office hours, users are automatically directed to the shared Service Desk located in the Fujitsu office in Maarssen, Netherlands. Both Service Desks share the same tooling for Robeco to ensure user support merges perfectly. “We now have eight Fujitsu support engineers onsite from 7am to 7pm to handle all service requests and floor support,” says Ligtvoet. “It is our belief that having a partner with Service Desk onsite, fully integrated with our own processes, will boost performance and user satisfaction.”


The new service model is delivering multiple benefits for both Robeco and its employees. Most importantly, it gives them the requisite flexibility to work seamlessly between offices and outside the office, while retaining a uniform end-user experience. This ensures services are globally available, and guarantees that this uniform workplace is rolled out in a predictable way to Robeco’s international offices.

“We have the ‘anytime, anywhere’ global capability that the modern business requires, which is vital to users who travel between offices,” continues Ligtvoet. “And if problems do arise, we know we have Fujitsu engineers physically present to solve them quickly and ensure optimal availability. That give us peace of mind.”

The tools introduced by Fujitsu, including Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business and Office365, are also making an impact on operations by improving the opportunities for collaboration. By giving users the ability to work more effectively together, business outcomes inevitably improve. “We are seeing lots of innovative projects relating to business applications arise as a direct result of the improved collaboration,” comments Ligtvoet. “That, in turn, means we can deliver more success for our clients and offer new and exciting services.”

Overall, the migration to a Fujitsu supported Service Desk will increase user satisfaction and productivity. With the complete global roll-out expected later this year, Robeco is confident that it puts the company in good stead for future growth.

“We regularly monitor end-user satisfaction levels and while they used to be 6.7 out of 10, we now anticipate it being much closer to 8 out of 10, and happier employees tend to be more productive,” concludes Ligtvoet. “Fujitsu has proven responsive, flexible and connected to the business. As long as together we continue to have end-user satisfaction top of mind, we’re sure of success.”

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