Business Continuity Is Team(S) Work: 4 Measures

Business continuity is boring. Or may be not. Last year proved how important it is to think of a good plan that enables the organization to keep communicating and stay productive. No matter what happens. And we’ve seen that there’s a lot that CAN happen.


Let Me Start With A Simple Question


If you require your people to be on the corporate network and there is a snowstorm, how do those users gain access to key resources? If the snow prevents travel into the office and customer service agents are required to connect to the corporate network, is there a policy mandating they have their corporate laptops in their possession at home?


As the title of this blog states, we believe that Business Continuity plans are teamwork. They need to take into account all the events that may impact your organization’s ability to communicate. Below, we happily show you how we continuously ensure security, confidentiality, privacy, integrity and availability. But first, let’s have a look at three factors for business continuity that you can influence yourself. Your continuity plans should consider each of these areas.


Let’s Have A Look At Three Factors For Business Continuity That You Can Influence Yourself


1. People


Unlikely events that impact the workforce are often overlooked. We’ve seen it with the recent pandemic. Businesses with widely distributed workforces were not prepared for this broad-scale impact. You need to rethink operations and communications before you face a fait accompli. If a large percentage of the workforce can’t come to the office or is offline due to a natural disaster, how would your business continue to operate?


2. Location

How can you connect employees to location agnostic enterprise systems and cloud services? Microsoft’s network connectivity principles give you some best practices, like implementing split tunnel VPNs. While these principles are important for maintaining low-latency connections, service resiliency requires alternative methods of connecting to corporate resources for general collaboration. Have you thought about this for your business?


3. Systems

Many collaboration solutions are dependent on systems, such as the company wide area network (WAN). They always work. Until they don’t. So, you should ask yourself: when those systems are not available, how would your organization respond?


Business Continuity With Multi-Tenancy In Anywhere365®


An important part of the solution for any of these challenges is cloud computing. It provides the enterprise with scalability through a shared, common infrastructure across numerous customers. Also called multi-tenancy. All tenants are potentially hostile to others. Anywhere365® continuously ensures that the multi-tenant architectures of our cloud services support enterprise standards for security, confidentiality, privacy, integrity, and availability.


“All Tenants Are Potentially Hostile To Others”


We have implemented measures throughout all phases of the development process. Preventing that customers can compromise our applications or gain unauthorized access to the information of other tenants.


Measures Include:


  • Logical isolation of customer content through Azure Active Directory (AAD) authorization and role-based access control
  • Deeply integrated SharePoint Online from your own Office365 environment provides data isolation mechanisms. At the storage as well as content management level.
  • Anywhere365® Dialogue Cloud uses rigorous physical security, background screening, and a multi-layered encryption strategy to protect the confidentiality and integrity of customer content where all content is stored in your own Office365 tenant.
  • Serverside technologies encrypt customer content at rest and in transit, including BitLocker, per-file encryption, Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Internet Protocol Security (IPsec).


In a next blog piece we will have a more in depth look into disaster recovery and communication with our customers.


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