Creating data driven employee experiences with service desk automation? Watch our webinar!

Is your IT helpdesk using Microsoft Teams and ServiceNow? Bridging those applications can significantly smoothen the workflow. Today Pernille La Lau and Erik van Arkel will show you how your Service Desk can be smarter and take you on a journey to create Data Driven Employee experiences that matter.


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Data Is Key for Service Desk Automation


The fact that most of us are working from home nowadays creates a shift in the type of questions that are asked, but also results in more pressure on internal helpdesks. And so, they are trying to transition from a break-fix approach to a proactive support approach. To that end support desk agents will at least need to recognize the caller and see the history of previous events and all assets. Data needs to be in the center of every dialogue.


But if you really want to go the extra mile you’ll need to bring in conversational AI and may be even IoT. Today’s chat bots and voice bots can deliver so much more more than a simple keyword-based Q&A. They can understand intent and use a variety of datasets to help the caller/chatter.


Offering a more proactive support approach means that data needs to be in the center of every dialogue, with agents and with bots


Some Examples of Service Desk Automation


Some of our customers offer password resets with the help of a bot. The bot will identify the caller and offer a personalized process. Others offer bots to help resolve issues based on a knowledge database in combination with data of that caller. Only if the bot can’t help, it will raise a ticket or hand over a call to available agents who do know the answer.


Eliminate Silos Between Microsoft Teams and ServiceNow


Anywhere365® bridges ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams on multiple levels and adds (voice and text) communication technologies to that combination. Teams and ServiceNow are excellent applications which are widely used but in 2 silos. In the webinar Erik will show a demo of how Anywhere365® connects the dots and builds a robust, yet flexible solution.


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