How Virtual Contact Centers Lead to Happy Customers

Not only do Virtual Contact Centers allow people to reach businesses whenever and wherever they are, they also enable customer agents to work from the comfort of their ownwell anywhere, and still create an impact in the work that they do. 

Understanding The Virtual Contact Center

Whilst the Contact Center triggered the start of the customer service revolution, the Virtual Call Center is a more recent phenomenon that has completely transformed the way in which customer service is distributed. Trends show that the demand for such a service is only on the up.  

As customer expectations increase and technological developments enhance this behavior, how can organizations keep up with the avalanche of dialogues sliding towards their employees? Spoiler alert: simply hurling more customer agents at the problem won’t boost productivity or efficiency.  

We believe that the way forward is to inspire organizations to provide mind-blowing customer experiences by enabling every person (and machine) to become part of any interaction.   

Be brave, dive in and get ready to swim against the stream of competitors.

What Is A Virtual Contact Center?

Virtual Contact Center enables all employees of an organization to work remotely, providing support across every customer channel (think social media, voice calling, instant messaging and so on).  

No longer restricted by physical locations, every worker can be a modern customer service agent and work from anywhere their heart desires, (well, as long as their employer is on board) and still maintain solid connections with their team members and customers via Virtual Contact Center software. The Cloud Contact Center, takes this one step further by having the ability to host all business communication from one centralized online place. 

What Is The Difference Between A Virtual Contact Center And A Cloud Contact Center?

Implementing a Virtual Contact Center means modernizing company infrastructure. Employing a Cloud Contact Center means looking to the future of customer communication. 

A Cloud Contact Center primarily focuses on utilizing cloud-based technology and services to manage customer dialogue, with the ability to handle multiple channels. And it can involve both on-site and remote agents 

A Virtual Contact Center specifically refers to a remote workforce model where agents work from various locations, such as their homes, often dispersed across the globe.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Virtual Contact Center?

  • A Virtual Contact Center can operate 24h a day; if you’re not sleeping, neither are they 
  • Enhanced flexibility means customer agents have more freedom and that usually results in, more happiness and less churn; everyone is a winner 
  • Virtual Contact Centers save funds without a need for physical office spaces and require less investments on outdated software 
  • The Virtual Contact Center is one of the key uses cases of Anywhere365’s Dialogue Cloud, making it highly customizable to a company’s specific needs, providing a seamless experience for customers 

5 Top Tips For Happy Customers

At Anywhere355, we encourage our customers to be the heroes of their own journey. This means we simply provide them with the tools to get to where they want to be.  

Empowering your customer agents to deliver excellent service is a crucial piece of the puzzle. It’s important to generate value for both ends of the line. Whilst customers are the main focus, they’re not the sole focus.  

Passionate about people and want your business to reflect this? Check out our 5 tips for happy customers. 

1. Incorporate Omnichannel Capabilities

Today, it seems like technology is advancing at unstoppable speeds and consumer use is continuously evolving to match these advancements. The services you offer need to reflect this shift; you must continue to meet the customers exactly where they are.  

Producing a cohesive customer experience means incorporating different touchpoints throughout the customer journey. By doing so, you can steer clear of creating a disjointed customer encounter.  

Imagine an individual who wants to message a company via WhatsApp. They might later decide that they want to voice call or send an instant message via their favorite channel. Their entire history should be captured across every channel. So regardless of the agent leading each interaction, omnichannel capabilities allow them to pick up the communication in a smooth manner. Magic! 

Initiating conversation shouldn’t be filled with friction, it deserves to be seamless and should be intuitive to the users’ needs. Omnichannel interactions produce more freedom for all users (as well as saving them valuable seconds, minutes and hours). Omnichannel capabilities also enable companies to find speedy solutions for their customers and creates capacity for them to handle more requests. 

Good news, Anywhere365’s Omnichannel solution takes care of all of this! By providing companies with Cloud-Based Contact Center software solutions, delivering a consistent experience across multiple channels is a breeze. 

2. Collaborate In A Microsoft Teams Contact Center

With over 270 million daily users, Microsoft Teams is a clear leader when it comes to Enterprise communications. So, it’s only logical to integrate your customer service solution with Teams.  

A Teams Contact Center is designed to help organizations manage and streamline their interactions, and support requests within the Microsoft Teams environment which they know and love.  

Microsoft Teams contact centers are incredibly valuable for organizations that want to centralize their customer service operations, as well as leverage its features and capabilities for both internal and external dialogues. These contact centers help businesses to improve customer service and collaboration among team members. 

By updating your company infrastructure with a true Dialogue Management (as a Service) solution, like Anywhere365, you can bring contact center capabilities to every single person in your organization, empowering anyone to be part of the dialogue. So, there is no need to lift-and-shift your on-premise contact center agents to cloud-based contact center seats.  

Combining contact center capabilities into Teams has become a common need for global enterprises. That’s why Microsoft initiated a certification program for Teams contact centers in May 2020. Being a Teams native solution, Anywhere365® was a global launching partner.  

Hungry for more details? Check out this page 

3. Integrate AI But Make It Human

We are very excited about the frenzy of opportunities that (generative) AI brings. However, for us it will never be about joining the hype; it’s about the quality of dialogue. Where AI can enrich communication, we wholeheartedly embrace it. 

Creating an impactful exchange requires more than deploying a chatbot as the first touchpoint and kicking back. And trust us, your customers will notice if you take the lazy route. It’s about embodying an empathetic approach that is flexible to the needs of people and that flows with the ever-changing tides of the technological landscape. 

The application of AI should not be a short-term fad. By fusing instinctive AI with an irreplaceable human touch, you can deliver interactions that are highly engaging yet built for accuracy and speed 

Why not implement bots to tackle the low hanging fruit (such as FAQs or standard requests) and leave the more complex issues to skilled humans? This way, you cater for your independent clients who prefer to self-serve, and to individuals who want to chat with a seasoned agent.  

4. Kick Working In Silos To The Curb

Operating in silos is an outdated concept that hinders collaboration thanks to the lack of information sharing. This way of working restricts team agility and leads to a fragmented customer journey. Yawn! 

By building an ecosystem of communication across your organization, working in silos becomes a memory best left in the past. And by centralizing dialogue within Microsoft Teams, any user can be part of the conversation.   

What do we mean by an ecosystem exactly? A holistic environment where our tools, software and technologies are all interconnected. This intuitive network of information sharing skyrockets agent productivity, provides them with crystal clear overview and enables them to provide exceptional service; streamlining customer communications as a result.  

By viewing customer service as connected dialogues that can be managed and analyzed instead of separate snippets of information, you can elevate the Contact Center. Delivering mind-blowing customer experiences can then become a thing of the present. 

5. Make Clear Judgments Based On Customer Data

To create a captivating customer experience which outshines the competition, your focus needs to be customer-centric and customizable to their unique needs. 

CRM systems provide a centralized database for customer information, equipping agents with crucial data on every customer, which can be extracted in the blink of an eye. This equips agents to provide a highly personal service and rapidly resolve issues.  

CRM systems can also offer reliable data analytics and reporting capabilities to optimize the process and enhance efficiency. By synchronizing CRM-data, you can streamline all operations and establish the ultimate customer journey 

Deeply integrated into over 30+ CRM systems, Anywhere365 uses customer data to refine the customer experience. No matter whether a customer calls or uses a chatbot, an agent can immediately get a complete history of the customer.  

Now that sounds like setting agents up for success 

Need Help Initiating Your Virtual Contact Center?

No worries, we’ve got you. We encourage you to take the reins, but we will guide you on your journey from start to finish.

Get To Know Us

Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud is an advanced omnichannel Dialogue Management (as a Service) platform, here to change the game of customer engagement.  

We are dedicated to creating impactful interactions, providing communication capabilities to everyone in an organization. Why? It removes the need for silos and empowers every organization to provide mind-blowing experiences for their own staff as well as their customers.  

Anyone and any piece of tech can become part of the dialogue, allowing you to fully leverage all existing investments in the Microsoft product suite.   

We believe that every interaction should be a meaningful one. Our goal is to remain at the forefront of innovation by incorporating technology which is led by an all-important human touch.     

So why choose us? Our customer-centric attitude has led us to be trusted by over 2000+ organizations in 60+ countries, but we also help to lower IT infrastructure costsdeliver up to 65% increased workforce productivityprovide centralized performance reporting and operate with a flexible pricing model, allowing you to easily scale up (or down) to suit your unique business needs.  

Are you ready to deliver service that your customers fall in love with and become the CX hero today? 

Want to deepdive into your business specifics? Feel free to schedule a demo!


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