Chat & voice bot customer service - Anywhere365®

Decrease the number of unnecessary dialogue with Bots

By adding a bot to the dialogue, you can decrease the number of unnecessary dialogue. By letting the bot answer the simple answers and letting the advanced questions move to your agents.

Optimize service and customer experience

Anywhere365 provides contact center, dialogue management and advanced features for the Microsoft Intelligent Communication platform.

Maximize agent productivity

Capabilities such as whisper, listen, take-over/barge-in are provided to ensure the best customer service is provided.

Gain valuable customer insights

Anywhere365 provides real-time visibility work item status on a Wallboard to monitor your contact center activity and performance.

Using Chatbots and Voicebots to improve customer relationships

A chatbot can be used to take over part of customer service by answering the simple questions and collecting the necessary customer information before letting the advanced questions move to your agents.

Using Ai and machine learning to improve customer relationships

Ai technology can improve customer relationships by providing instant responses, providing information on the customers feelings, overcoming language barriers and much more.

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