WhatsApp is a great tool for customer service – here’s why

With around 2 billion monthly users, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app worldwide. It is the third most popular social media channel. Right after Facebook and YouTube. We all use the super user friendly platform to communicate with friends. And we connect with people all over the world, using a variety of media. But WhatsApp is also a valuable and highly effective tool for customer service.


So, are you an ambitious CX marketer or customer support leader? Do you want to deliver a flexible, high-quality and cost-effective omnichannel service? Then you’re in the right place. Discover how you should use WhatsApp to create top notch customer service in 2022 and beyond!


The Most Popular Messaging Channel


WhatsApp is available in over 180 countries and 60 different languages. It is famously not available in a China and a number of other countries. But approximately 2m people in China have got around the ban.


More than 5 million brands already use WhatsApp. To grow their business, offer more choice to customers, and serve their community better. As the world moves through the pandemic customers will be relying on these kind of digital platforms. They communicate, purchase products, track orders and much more.


Chat Bot And Voice Bot Integrations


To answer common questions in an automated way you can add a chatbot or voice bot to WhatsApp. Clients of Anywhere365 can even configure the WhatsApp API with zero code. With our Dialogue Studio contact center automation platform. This helps you deal with peaks in call volumes. Enabling you to respond quickly, while maximizing agent productivity and delivering a great experience.


According to research by HubSpot, 90% of customers find it important to get immediate response to their customer service question. Chatbots and voice bots enable you to meet these response times with a natural and welcoming customer experience. In fact, bots can detect language barriers and read emotions. They can even alert your agents of the customer’s mood prior to handing over the call.


Personal And Convenient Messaging


WhatsApp offers a highly convenient and direct platform for conversations between a business and a customer. For many users, it feels more personal than email communications. Plus, as WhatsApp Business enforces strict policies for response times and the quality of content, customers should never have a poor experience when dealing with a brand.


Every business profile on WhatsApp is verified. Businesses can even include branded elements to establish trust and build rapport. WhatsApp has also boosted its credibility by deciding against offering ad placements and ensuring end-to-end encryption for all messages.


WhatsApp Enhances Customer Service


Did you know you can manage both 1-1 and group communications of up to 256 members? Brands can send automated replies, like notifications of wait times. They can also schedule chats, confirm bookings, and much more. Plus, if you’re using an IVR, you can easily move your customers to WhatsApp.


At Anywhere365 we have developed seamless deflection technology. For example, when you’re dealing with long call queues. In my previous blog I’ve pointed out how that can drive a great mobile customer experience.


Voice, Video And Rich Media


WhatsApp isn’t only used for text messaging. The platform’s voice and video call features are also very popular among users. Over 15 billion minutes of voice and video calls are being made on WhatsApp every day. As with text, WhatsApp video and voice calls are end-to-end encrypted and you can switch from a voice to video call and back again in a click.


And then there’s a variety of rich media. Follow up a call with a video tutorial, link to a location, resource webpage links, photos, and more. And customers can send screenshots to clarify their issue. Each of these features helps to streamline customer service workflow. They speed up query resolution, reduce errors, and improve the customer experience. Benefits that all ambitious contact center leaders should enjoy!


Taking customer interactions beyond the customer service department is a game changer for your business operations as well as the customer experience.


WhatsApp Beyond The Customer Service Department


If you really want to speed up query resolution, use WhatsApp as a handy forum beyond the customer service department. Let teams confer on specific customer queries. For example when new starters are being mentored or teams are working remotely.


In fact, this is the core of our vision at Anywhere365. Taking customer interactions beyond the contact center is a game changer for your business operations as well as the customer experience. So, let anyone in your organization become part of any customer interaction at any time. And make it even easier by docking WhatsApp and other channels to your Microsoft Teams client, using our omnichannel cloud communications platform.


As you can see, we can strike a balance between optimizing productivity and delivering great service. Anywhere365 can integrate WhatsApp into any customer interaction for conversational commerce and omnichannel customer service. And with the roll-out of WhatsApp Pay gathering pace, the platform is expected to increase its reach across the market in the coming years.

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