How To Overcome The Biggest Challenge In Customer Communications

What is your biggest challenge in Customer Communications? This is one of the questions I always ask to business and IT executives. The answer will give you some good food for thought. And may be it will tickle you a bit to rethink the solution to your communication problems.

Reduce Unnecessary Dialogues

Executives in all kinds of businesses say that the biggest challenge in Customer Communications is to reduce the number of unnecessary dialogues. In both directions. Because that will massively impact the customer experience as well as workforce efficiency, employee happiness and cost effectiveness. But don’t try to overcome this big challenge by tying everything together in an expensive integrated customer engagement project.


Now, if your job is to lead customer experience or contact center innovation, your company probably hired you to come up with fancy architecture solutions and lead big projects. Don’t! The most successful cases are practically always created with agility and simplicity. They’re probably your two best friends on the path to success. Generally, the fastest and most resilient way forward for most businesses is to just look at an actual problem, solve that area and then go on to the next.


Guarantee For Failure

It’s almost a guarantee for failure if you start by looking at your incoming calls, chats, emails and what not, and then look for a way to route these dialogues to your bot or the right agent. Because there will always be scenarios that you didn’t think of. Consequently, you’ll end up spending a lot of time and money on something that will be super inefficient and ineffective.


Let’s be honest. Anyone in your organization can nowadays become the contact center, from anywhere. And they can be reached via multiple channels and tools. Instead of making the workforce more effective, your big project will turn out to deliver all sorts of point solutions that will need patching. And patching. And more patching.


Smarter, Faster And Maximum Impact

Our Anywhere365® solution helps you work smarter, faster and with maximum positive impact for the customer. It lets you reduce unnecessary dialogues and meanwhile utilize all the (advanced) benefits of Microsoft Teams and integrate with any other CRM and IT management systems at your disposal.


Both our Direct Routing Contact Center for Microsoft Teams and our Dialogue Cloud enterprise solution use the capabilities of Microsoft Teams to route calls to anyone in your organization, together with rich features, such as Call recording, Real-time Translation, Timeline, Wallboards and many more. Anywhere and at any time.


Lastly, our ISO27001 certification proves that we have topnotch security standards. Because simple and agile shouldn’t mean unsafe.


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