Anywhere365®, the global Dialogue Cloud & API provider, acquires critical alarm management & IoT platform IQ Messenger

IQ Messenger’s ecosystem of partners and extensive interface capabilities immediately complement Anywhere365®’s Dialogue Cloud and on-premise communication efficiency software stack


Rotterdam, December 11, 2019 - Anywhere365® has acquired the mission-critical alarm management and IoT communications platform IQ Messenger, making this their second acquisition in as many months.


The vendor-neutral software only platform interfaces with more than 140 third-party systems used in time-critical healthcare, industrial and governmental environments. Its reliability and ability to streamline any-to-any alarm management, enables organizations to optimize their workflows, increase safety and efficiency, while reducing alarm fatigue and vendor lock-in.


IQ Messenger unifies alarms & IoT messages from various systems into one solution within a time critical environment. Its device agnostic approach allows for seamless integration of alarms from fragmented and competing systems, while simultaneously providing extremely robust critical messaging capabilities. Its unique approach and industry proven reliability have made IQ Messenger a market leading solution that is disrupting the legacy critical messaging market. Due to the sensitive and critical nature of its customer base, the solution is ISO 27001 and NEN 2575 certified for information security and meets the strict medical requirements standards with ISO 13485 and CE-MDD (Medical) certification.


As the global leader in streamlining communication across a variety of markets, Anywhere365® sees the potential for leveraging the IQ Messenger technology and their partners. All industries seek unified dialogue, IoT and alarm management solutions to reduce unnecessary dialogues and alarm fatigue while providing filtered notifications and communication to assigned professionals. The primary market today for IQ Messenger and its global partners mainly facilitates healthcare organizations with critical and medical alarm distribution to healthcare professionals. The robust and flexible nature of IQ Messenger’s platform can easily be adapted to other businesses that require mission critical alarm management and emergency call out capabilities.


“We look forward to bringing our next generation alarm management and IoT distribution platform to a broader scale of business markets,” said IQ Messenger’s Managing Director Paul Vos. “Anywhere365® offers the opportunity to grow even faster and join forces in sharing technology and commercial opportunities. IQ Messenger will continue its ambition to be the leading vendor independent mission-critical messaging and notification platform.”


“The industry has proven that IQ Messenger supports the management of the most critical incidents and emergencies,” Anywhere365® CEO Gijs Geurts stated. “It’s a technology that can be relied on to work anywhere, and it comes with a strong partner network. Both will be huge assets for Anywhere365® in the coming years and we even plan to bring IQ Messenger to the Anywhere365® Dialogue Cloud where the IQ partners can offer their customers the high-end IQ solution also from the Azure scalable cloud. IQ messenger will stay as well as product and recognized brand name.”


The joint forces of these two companies will give enterprise businesses across the world the opportunity to gain a strong competitive advantage with Anywhere365® Cloud Contact Center and Dialogue Management Platform. They can streamline their communications by taking advantage of not only their current channels but everything the cloud has to offer.


About Anywhere365®


Powering the customer experience for over 900 companies in more than 50 countries, including 26 members of the Fortune Global 500, Anywhere365® is the world’s most powerful and comprehensive omnichannel Enterprise Dialogue Management solution available for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Azure. Anywhere365® is the product of Workstreampeople, a global provider of enterprise collaboration and workstream optimization solutions. Anywhere365® drives significant productivity gains by intelligently routing dialogues across any communications channel, on-premises or in the cloud, empowering your employees and creating lasting customer relationships.  The vision of Anywhere365® is to reduce all unnecessary dialogues by offering a solution in which the right information reaches the right person at the right time, no matter the location.


About IQ Messenger


IQ Messenger is a vendor-neutral software only platform, for mission-critical messaging, notification, communication, IoT Routing, emergency callout, alarm filtering, management and distribution for time-sensitive environments. The IQ Messenger platform interfaces more than 140 different third-party systems into its supervised (medical grade) platform. Optimizing workflow efficiency, increasing safety for professionals and patients while removing traditional vendor lock-in, reducing cost and complexity of use and maintenance.


A comprehensive set of unique and easy to use web applications for alarm assignment, graphical alarm display and dashboarding is provided while professionals can fully benefit from IQ Messenger’s iOS and Android apps for receiving critical alarms, voice/video and personal security with location detection.


Gijs Geurts, CEO

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