Virtual Contact Center Software Replaces Blackmores’ Legacy Systems

I’m proud to finally be able to share this news with you. Natural health products enterprise Blackmores takes a leap in the way they manage their business communications. They embrace the power of Anywhere365® Dialogue Cloud. Together with our partner Modality we will replace legacy systems with the Anywhere365® virtual contact center software. I congratulate Blackmores with this healthy decision!


Being a true omnichannel virtual contact center platform, Anywhere365® makes it possible to engage with customers effortlessly across communications channels. From anywhere and at anytime. Customers will benefit from new ways of contacting Blackmores through their preferred media. Blackmores can easily incorporate future business requirements without significant additional overhead. All due to the robust, highly scalable, but also extremely flexible implementation of Anywhere365®. A very healthy choice indeed.


From Legacy Systems To Virtual Contact Center


Kris Ellis, Blackmores Group Technology Director said in an interview with ITWire: “This is a substantial overhaul of our telephony and contact center platforms. We have two key objectives: we want to provide our customers with powerful, new omnichannel capabilities so they can contact us however they choose. And we want our employees to be able to work from anywhere with increased productivity. The rapid uptake of Microsoft Teams over the past year makes it even easier to add telephony to this existing solution.”


From Contact Center Success To Enterprise Dialogue Success


As you probably know, Anywhere365® was built natively to Microsoft Teams. But we also seamlessly integrate with CRM systems like SalesforceSAP C4C and Microsoft Dynamics. Workers communicate with each other, customers and partners from within their Teams client and log any information directly into their CRM. So, basically, Anywhere365® enables anyone within Blackmores to become a contact center. This helps the business to track the full Enterprise Dialogue Success instead of just Contact Center Success. In our vision, that is a huge and important difference for the customer experience as well as workforce efficiency, since customer dialogues simply don’t always start and end with an agent.

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